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Type of Liposuction to Removal Visceral Fat?

I have visceral fat. Is there a certain Liposuction procedure that will work for me? READ MORE

How do I know I have the type of abdomen fat that can be removed with lipo (or even the noninvasive "lipo"s)?

I am an average weight except I gain anything extra in my stomach. I have read liposuction cannot be used for the internal organ fat (visceral). Is... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Visceral Fat After Lipo and Tummy Tuck

After having tummy tuck and liposuction in the same area, will the visceral fat begin to come off with continued exercise, or will the fat closer to... READ MORE

Does Decreasing Fat Through Liposuction Mean Visceral Fat Will Be Lost With Exercise BC It's All That's Left?

I see the other postings about how liposuction doesn't get at the fat closest to the organs. By reducing the amount of fat under the skin,... READ MORE

How do you know if you have visceral fat in the abdomen?

I posted previously, I had liposuction on my upper and lower abs about a year ago (July 2015). By November I had lost 5 pounds but seeing minimal... READ MORE

Visceral fat accumulation after liposuction. How can I get rid of it?

Last year, I had gynecomastia surgery and abdominal liposuction. The results were fantastic, but I had an injury and have bee unable to perform many... READ MORE

Is There Any Research Being Done Among Cosmetic Surgeons for a Laparoscopic Technique to Remove Visceral Fat?

I am of normal weight, w/severe intra-abdominal fat to the point where I look 9 mos. pregnant.It is not bloating.Exercise & diet do not reduce it... READ MORE

Can visceral fats be removed by using Is lipo-ex ?

I do see a lot sites online saying that's the only way to reduce visceral fats is by using lipo-ex. Is this correct? READ MORE

Would having subcutaneous fat liposuctioned make it easier to later loose visceral fat?

I heard that the body burns subcutaneous fat prior to burning visceral fat so in theory, wouldn't loosing subq fat make loosing visceral fat a little... READ MORE

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet & exercise regimen, are there any procedures that assist with removing visceral fat?

I have lost 15 lbs (now 5'7 and 134 lbs) and I've been exercising consistently. I am seeing results however, I would like to advance the process. I... READ MORE

Measuring fat- visceral and non-visceral- via medical tests?

Sometimes it seems hard to tell if certain areas of my body contain excess fat or if it is simply loose skin (I lost significant weight over the past... READ MORE

After liposuction does the visceral fat "comes back" in some cases to different areas of the body?

I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck and liposuction next month. I've been doing research and read that in some cases, years later the visceral fat comes... READ MORE

Where can viscereal fat be located?

I'm having liposuction done later this year. I've read up a lot on viscereal fat and every where I read and all the pictures that I've seen all talk... READ MORE

I would like to know is there a specialist that would be able to remove visceral fat?

I am aware this is a high risk operation but the fat must be removed my health depends on it. If a surgeon was to remove my stomach muscle and gain... READ MORE

Pooch on stomach won't disappear - 1.5 years after lipo (Photo)

I had a lipo on my stomach about 1.5 years ago. I kind of regret it now because my stomach area won't go away. I'm underweight as well. I can't wear... READ MORE

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