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Can Lipo Improve my Silhouette and Reduce my Dress Size?

I had lipo 8 years ago on my stomach, knees and thighs. I was 6/8 before and 4/6 after. I love the new contour of those areas even after gaining... READ MORE

Lipo for Short Torso/high Waist? Could It Help my Situation? (photo)

I have a short torso, it seems like my waist is very high up, I attached 2 pictures of myself. I also attached a picture of the body shape I am aiming... READ MORE

What Brand of Compression Garment is Most Trusted and Recommended?

I am having liposuction to the upper arms, torso, inner/outer thighs, and knees. My doctor has ordered the Veronique BA 855. This is a full body... READ MORE

I feel really tired after liposuction. Is this normal?

I had my lipo done on my torso... I dont feel like sleeping in the night and I get up very late in the morning... Dont know why.. I feel tired all the... READ MORE

Torso lipo and gaining belly fat with menopause. Any suggestions?

I have heard after a liposuccion there are less fat cells in that area, and i you put on weight normally you get more fat on another non... READ MORE

I Had Liposuction of the Torso (Front & Back) Are the 2- 2inch Incisions on my Lower Ab Normal? (photo)

I expected small, less than 1 inch incisions but I ended up with two 2 inch long incisions as well?? Is this normal? READ MORE

How long after lipo to whole torso and inner thighs will I be ready to wear a bikini in public?

I have a little loose skin on my stomach, but not sure that I want to have anything as major as a TT. I do want to get rid of my tummy pouch. How... READ MORE

I am disappointed after hip and torso liposuction. Should I be seeing better results? (Photo)

I had hip lipo on 05/06/15 and torso lipo just this past week on 08/04/15. Please look at the photos I have attached and let me know if I should see... READ MORE

I'm a a healthy 65kg 16 year old girl in Lithgow, NSW and I do everything to try and lose weight but it never works.

I was looking into getting liposuction on my calves, knees, thighs, butt, torso, neck and breasts ( as I play sports so they are irritating and... READ MORE

Can You Have Liposuction of the Torso 5 Months After Having Liposuction in the Abdomen Area?

Is it okay to do this procedure since i will be 5 months from the previous procedure? READ MORE

Removal of loose skin on torso instead of/in addition to liposuction

47 y.o. F, 5'2", 122 lbs. My torso is thick, w/a lot of flab above & below bra & practically no waist. 5 plastic surgeons I've consulted all say that... READ MORE

4 weeks after lipo, the lumpiness is it normal? (photos)

Hello, i had a mini TT, lipo to the torso and BBL 4 weeks ago. My all torso is very lumpy , i complite serie of 10 limphatic massajes and ultrasound,... READ MORE

I have lipo on my torso, arms & inner thighs in 2 days. Will I be well enough to attend an interview 4 days post-op?

My procedure will be using general anesthesia. Maximum of 4L aspiration. I am 5ft tall & 150lbs, mother of one with no known health issues. Just... READ MORE

Compression is best for limiting fluid retention. However, will the body build up fluid anyway elsewhere?

Lipo causes fluid to build up where the fat used to be.If it is indeed a normal body's healing process but we compress it out of the treated area does... READ MORE

Had Flank Liposuction done a year ago, want to get further liposuction of the flanks. (Photo)

Hello, last year I had flank liposuction and also removed loose skin from obesity. I would like to get further liposuction of the flanks to smooth out... READ MORE

How much swelling is normal after liposuction?

I had liposuction on my entire torso yesterday. Today I took my fist shower.After the next few house I had been walking around the house and all of a... READ MORE

Am I botched? Over 2 months after lipo (Photo)

Ok I had traditional liposuction June 9 and I am still Very swollen!! I've had massages with ultrasound to break up scar tissue 5 times and 4 rounds... READ MORE

How can I schedule an appointment for lipo and butt lift? (Photo)

Im interested in lipo and butt lift. I've had lipo before twife. I already have a nice size butt. I need a lift without transferring fat. I'm... READ MORE

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