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What Can I Do to Maximize Skin Retraction and Smoothness After Lipo?

I know, i know, the outome of lipo is based on the doctor's skill and my own genetics/skin condition. But is there any advice as to pre or post-op... READ MORE

Swelling After Liposuction and Scar Revision

How long does the swelling last after Liposuction and a scar revision? I am 3 weeks post op and still wearing a garment, as well as foam pads.... READ MORE

I'm interested in flank/love handle lipo & maybe back/bra roll. Am I being realistic wanting smooth waist and sides? (Photo)

I am 5'3" 124 lbs. I'm interested in getting flank/love handle lipo & maybe some back/bra roll. Am I being realistic wanting smooth waist and sides?... READ MORE

Concave Appearance on Inner Thighs After Liposuction - Will This Smooth Out?

I am 6 days post op of a tummy tuck and liposuction of inner, outer thighs, flank, and hips. I have extensive bruising in the areas that were... READ MORE

Is Lipo necessary for my brachioplasty? (photos)

Is it too much to hope for to have a smooth arm eventually? READ MORE

Even if my Skin Contracts After Lipo, Will It Feel Different to the Touch?

I have seen many pitures of liposuction (esp abs/back/flanks) where really impressive skin contraction occurs. But I have also heard that superficial... READ MORE

6 Weeks post op Neck Liposuction. Will these lumps and skin puckering will go away? (photos)

I posted on here 3 weeks ago regarding my swelling under my chin/neck after liposuction. The advice was to massage and give it time. I have been doing... READ MORE

Will Lipo make my back and sides smooth? (Photo)

Will Lipo make my back and sides smooth? Or do I need a back lift? And, can I get a Breast lift and Back lift at the same time... or are the best... READ MORE

I have saggy skin after arm Liposuction. Any suggestions?

It's 3 weeks after my arms liposuction and I don't like what I m seeing. My arms look like they are granny's arms. Right arm looks bigger then left... READ MORE

What type of roller is best for post-lipo massage? (photo)

I watched a video on RealSelf showing how to do self-massage with rollers a few weeks post-surgery. Is the idea solely to move the fluid into the... READ MORE

Retouch after lipo - belly button, uneven skin. (photos)

I had liposuction on my stomach 10 years ago, now I like to improve the look of uneven skin, and folded belly botton. Any suggestion to smooth out... READ MORE

Would liposuction around the jawline be an appropriate procedure to make the area appear more smooth and defined? (Photo)

I am unhappy with the appearance in this area of my face, primarily due to the excess fat around my jawline and very prominent chin. I am 30 years... READ MORE

1 Month After Lipo to Outer Thighs They're Not Smooth, What Could be Done to Give Them a Nice Shape?

I have done a liposuction and has been a month now , i notice that my outer thighs doesn't look balanced and smooth , i mean the shape doesn't... READ MORE

What procedure would you suggest for my stomach? (photo)

I want smooth flat tiny belly that I feel underneath this skin and fat I hate the fat on my ribs and the tire. So depressed just looking at these... READ MORE

How to smooth my legs? (photos)

Hello, I had a full body liposuction a brazilian butt lift 6 months ago, I noticed how the back of my legs are so irregular and lumpy, what can I do... READ MORE

Why does my belly look like this after liposuction? What do I have to do to get a flat and smooth belly? (Photo)

I am 1 month post op. I had liposuction in my abdominal area, my upper and lower back. My belly looks lumpy even after getting more than 20 lymphatic... READ MORE

How can I remove deltoid fat?

My lateral deltoids are fat ( pocket of fat) to the point where they protrude and make my frame look wider. Will exercise for the deltoids solve this... READ MORE

Inner thighs lipo. I had inner thighs lipo and one thigh looks indented in as opposed to the other one. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have an indent on my left inner leg as opposed to my right leg where is lump and swallen. All I wanted was for a smooth inner thigh less rubbing leg... READ MORE

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