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Procedures to Improve Chubby Cheeks and Smile?

I am a 31 year old male that is in good shape, 6'1 180lbs, and have always had chubby cheeks and hated my smile.I have gotten so self conscious about... READ MORE

Can Fat Pockets Be Taken From Around the Mouth?

The lower portion of my face juts out kind of, which I wouldn't have a problem with if the fat pockets around my mouth didn't make my mouth... READ MORE

Neck Lipectomy Lipo - Chances of Crooked Smile or Nerve Damage?

Im 38 and having a neck lipo procedure. I had body lipo a year ago and i had an easy recovery except that i lost use of one of my arms for about a... READ MORE

Liposuction for Protruding Chin?

I have quite a large chin and it protrudes a lot when I smile, which makes me feel conscious. I'm wondering what procedures can be done or would it be... READ MORE

Complications After Facial Liposuction and My Smile Isn't the Same?

Two years ago I had liposuction of the cheeks above the nasolabial folds in order to correct them. Small blunt cannula was used. Unfortunately, I... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: Aggressive Lipo? I forgot in my last post to describe what I had done. 4 weeks Post-Op. (photos)

The lipo was done in my entire abdomen (top to pubic area), sides, upper back fat, arms from breast area to elbow. And face. My smile crooked -... READ MORE

What does it mean if my smile is crooked after sub mental lipo?

Is that just from swelling and should my smile return to what is was pre-surgery? If so, when should I expect this problem to resolve? Thank you! (I... READ MORE

23 year old Severe face Lipoatrophy caused by Lipo? Or laser and shot treatment?? Please help. (photos)

Hello, I had a second face lipo in Korea(07.21)and it was ok except for a small area(dimple pic)To try and fix, I got a laser and shot(substance... READ MORE

Can aggressive neck/jaw liposuction slim the face to a point where you can avoid a buccal lipectomy? (photos)

As an addendum to my last post, If the neck lipo is aggressive, will my face slim down to where the buccal fat won't seem as pronounced and I can... READ MORE

Would facial liposuction help me achieve a more rounded appearance? (Photos)

Always had a long wide face and it bothers me when I smile I've been too I had an overprojected chin which can clearly be seen from a side view.... READ MORE

I had ultrasonic lipo of the chin and cheeks but when I smile one side is wonky and goes downwards! Will this change in time?

I ha the procedure on the 8th it is now the 23rd I'm worried I will always have a slanted smile, will this go in time or is this now my face? READ MORE

Fat face: liposuction or buccal pad removal? (Photo)

My face is fine until I smile, I find it large and such a fat face. It looks like I have double cheeks each on both of my cheek, thats why I hate my smile READ MORE

What can be done to correct dents after facial liposuction?

Hi doctors, I have dents on my face when I smile after facial liposuction. What can be done to correct it? :( READ MORE

What are my options for a wider smile? My cheeks are so full, do I need lipo or a chin implant? Tired of looking 12 (Photo)

I hate the lower portion of my face —I am 28, I am slender, workout daily and it is still very round and it looks like I have jowls. Additionally,my s... READ MORE

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