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Will my Legs Gets Smaller? 1 Month Post-liposuction.

I had liposuction performed to my thighs, love handles and knees 1 month ago and I feel like the swelling is a lot better and bruising is almost all... READ MORE

Dear Doctor: I Have Long Dream of Thinner Thighs and Lease Give Me a Personal Estimate? (photo)

I am a male in my mid-30s and I have long dreamed of thinner thighs. I eat relatively clean and I worked out about twice a week. However, I can never... READ MORE

Would it help my nose appear smaller to get liposuction on my neck and jaw? (photos)

Chin liposuction vs. rhinoplasty for a better profile. I have always had excess fat under my chin and a sort of weak jawline. I am scheduled for... READ MORE

Will liposuction give me the result of a flatter stomach and smaller waist? Or will I need more? (photos)

I am 26. I currently weight 139 pounds. I'm 5'3" current measurements are chest 39" waist 30" hips 39" I feel like my body is straight. No curves. I... READ MORE

Will liposuction alone give me a smaller waist? (photos)

I have had a c-section, but I'm very active. My c-section scar area is not a problem at all. My problem is my love handles and belly which I have had... READ MORE

Lipo or tummy tuck? I am 35 years old, five children and I'm left with shattered self esteem. (photos)

I am 35 years old, five children and I'm left with shattered self esteem, and have become a homebody. I've had five c-sections and a hernia repair,... READ MORE

Final Liposuction results? Will I have a smaller waist? (photos)

Hi ! English isnt my first language but here I go :) I had lipo 1 month ago. I have around 8 cms less in my waist and I felt difference on my clothes... READ MORE

Body dysmorphic disorder - does it qualify Lipo as a medical necessity, as opposed to a cosmetic procedure?

I have body dysmorphic disorder and I was wondering if having BDD would help me get insurance to cover liposuction or bariatric surgery. My thoughts... READ MORE

If I get liposuction on my outter thigh (saddlebags) what will it do to the appearance of my butt? (photo)

I am considering liposuction on my outter thighs (saddlebags) but I am concerned with how it will make my butt appear. Will it make it appear smaller,... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposuction? Or tummy tuck? (photos)

I do not have my kids I was overweight and lost weight but still have fat I would like to get rid of I would like a flat stomach and an hour glas... READ MORE

Which procedure is ideal for a smaller waist? (Photo)

Hi.... I'm 5ft7.5 inches tall, weigh 84kg. My bust is 39.5, waist 33 and hips 47. I want a smaller waist of about 26-29inches.... Is it medically ok... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposuction on my legs? (Photo)

I weigh between 100-105 I'm 5'3 and just want them smaller I haven't met with a dr yet but I'm planning on it sometime in the near future! READ MORE

Smaller breast after liposuction?

I recently had full back and abdomen liposuction. I noticed my breast looked smaller the day after surgery. I'm a month post op. My breast has gone... READ MORE

Will I look smaller right after having lipo performed?

I am having abdominal and flank liposuction performed and I'm aware of the swelling that appears after surgery and lasts about 4 months (is that... READ MORE

1 month post op lipo flanks @bra roll. Am I going to get smaller or is this the results ? Getting worried. 3600$ (photo)

Please help me understand. Is my bra rolls going to get smaller I don't feel like it's much different . And my waist love handles are they going to... READ MORE

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