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Will my Legs Gets Smaller? 1 Month Post-liposuction.

I had liposuction performed to my thighs, love handles and knees 1 month ago and I feel like the swelling is a lot better and bruising is almost all... READ MORE

Dear Doctor: I Have Long Dream of Thinner Thighs and Lease Give Me a Personal Estimate? (photo)

I am a male in my mid-30s and I have long dreamed of thinner thighs. I eat relatively clean and I worked out about twice a week. However, I can never... READ MORE

Would it help my nose appear smaller to get liposuction on my neck and jaw? (photos)

Chin liposuction vs. rhinoplasty for a better profile. I have always had excess fat under my chin and a sort of weak jawline. I am scheduled for... READ MORE

Final Liposuction results? Will I have a smaller waist? (photos)

Hi ! English isnt my first language but here I go :) I had lipo 1 month ago. I have around 8 cms less in my waist and I felt difference on my clothes... READ MORE

Lipo or tummy tuck? I am 35 years old, five children and I'm left with shattered self esteem. (photos)

I am 35 years old, five children and I'm left with shattered self esteem, and have become a homebody. I've had five c-sections and a hernia repair,... READ MORE

Will liposuction alone give me a smaller waist? (photos)

I have had a c-section, but I'm very active. My c-section scar area is not a problem at all. My problem is my love handles and belly which I have had... READ MORE

Which procedure is ideal for a smaller waist? (Photo)

Hi.... I'm 5ft7.5 inches tall, weigh 84kg. My bust is 39.5, waist 33 and hips 47. I want a smaller waist of about 26-29inches.... Is it medically ok... READ MORE

If I get liposuction on my outter thigh (saddlebags) what will it do to the appearance of my butt? (photo)

I am considering liposuction on my outter thighs (saddlebags) but I am concerned with how it will make my butt appear. Will it make it appear smaller,... READ MORE

Body dysmorphic disorder - does it qualify Lipo as a medical necessity, as opposed to a cosmetic procedure?

I have body dysmorphic disorder and I was wondering if having BDD would help me get insurance to cover liposuction or bariatric surgery. My thoughts... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposuction? Or tummy tuck? (photos)

I do not have my kids I was overweight and lost weight but still have fat I would like to get rid of I would like a flat stomach and an hour glas... READ MORE

I had lipo to flanks & abs in S Korea. My stomach seemed flat & hips were smaller. Can I expect better results from revision?

I know I struggle with weight fluctuations so in the past 6 months been trying to keep it under control with exercise. I started noticing a month ago... READ MORE

Smaller breast after liposuction?

I recently had full back and abdomen liposuction. I noticed my breast looked smaller the day after surgery. I'm a month post op. My breast has gone... READ MORE

1 month post op lipo flanks @bra roll. Am I going to get smaller or is this the results ? Getting worried. 3600$ (photo)

Please help me understand. Is my bra rolls going to get smaller I don't feel like it's much different . And my waist love handles are they going to... READ MORE

Six month post upper back liposuction. How can I achieve a smoother back? (photos)

I had liposuction to my upper back 6 months ago and though it is smaller, it is unsightly to say the least. Would a back lift resolve this? My surgeon... READ MORE

Face liposuction; What can I do to get a smaller face? (photos)

What can I do to get a smaller face? Look at pictures I want a smaller face. I'm not chubby, I actually weigh less than I should. However, my face is... READ MORE

1 day PO lipo of flanks & bra roll. Why are the rolls still there? Will they get smaller and my waist ? Please help (Photo)

Am I going to get any smaller and will the rolls go down smaller or is it going to stay like that and are my flanks going to get smaller and more... READ MORE

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