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I'm a male and I want to get pubic liposuction, will this permanently affect my penis size in any way?

I've heard the skin can contract from this procedure, will this skin contraction affect the size of my penis at all? READ MORE

Measurements Unchanged After Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

I had Liposuction on my hips, thighs, and torso along with a Tummy Tuck about 8 months ago, and nothing changed after the first two months of the... READ MORE

I am having lipo done on my abdomen and inner thighs. How will I be looking and feeling 3 weeks out?

I have a formal event to attend 3 weeks after my procedure. Here are my main questions/concerns: 1. Am I going to be up for this? 2. What size will I... READ MORE

Will Liposuction cause more lipomas?

I have small lipomas all over my upper body, mostly pea sized but some of them are grape sized. I'm considering liposuction of my flanks, but have... READ MORE

how do you reduce the size of a large mons pubis without surgery?

Hi I'm a teen and I have a large mons pubis which I feel sticks out. I always feel insecure for it and have only recently found that I am not the only... READ MORE

Liposuction garments - what size do I buy online? (Photo)

I'm booked in to get liposuction on my full tummy, flanks and inner thighs, Dr frank plovier will put me in a garment but I want 2 buy a 2nd 1,better... READ MORE

Do you have to be a certain size for liposuction? (Photo)

I am 44 and have had 5 children and can't seem to loose the stomach or any of the back fat. I developed type 2 diabetes with my last pregnancy. I went... READ MORE

How long is recovery time for thigh liposuction?

I want to reduce the size of my thighs and I'm thinking to go with liposuction because I want to avoid the scarring. My question is, how long of a... READ MORE

Hematoma, will it go away? (Photos)

I got a nice size hematoma after Lipo it's been a month post op and it has shrunk a lot and the doc thinks we should let it be and it will go away.... READ MORE

Does swelling exceed original size?

It makes sense that there would be significant swelling after surgery; I'm just wondering whether that swelling makes you larger than you were prior... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to achieve flat results with my current build and BMI of 42? (Photos)

I'm a solid guy with a BMI of 42. I just wanna be flat. I like my size, I just wanna be flat .. is this possible and where do I begin ? READ MORE

I would like some clear advice and a doctor perspective on my breasts and lower abdomen.

For about 2 to 3 years during high school i was overweight with about 100 lbs being my max weight as now i have had a stable weight at about 190 lbs... READ MORE

Is Lipo doable for me? (Photos)

I am 21, 5'9 & 180 lbs. I weighed 230 lbs & lost weight over the course of a year. My issue is that I like my lower body. I prefer being... READ MORE

Large volume lipo, BBL and breast fat transfer. Will I be able to get a desirable result with my shape and size? (Photo)

I'm 5'7" I weigh 204 my bmi is 31 would I be able to get a desirable result with my shape and size? READ MORE

Dents and folding maybe from going from XL to LG faja 5 days PO. The XL didn't feel like it was compressing much? (photo)

Today was my first day back to work. I called my Dr office & 2 nurses said the indents weren't going to be permanent for me not to worry. I... READ MORE

Can I have lipo to reduce protrusion of my buttock? (photos)

I had fat grafting a couple years ago on my buttock but hate the size of it. I am only 4"11 and weigh 125. i do not like that much protrusion. Can I... READ MORE

After 2 kids my belly has a pooch. I might have 3rd child later but need a quick fix. Will liposuction reduce the size? (photo)

I found a doctor on Groupon doing an area for 1k ,I went to the consult and he told me he recommends a tummy tuck Bc the lower abs lipo will only... READ MORE

Which garmet is best and what size? (photos)

My PS will be sending me home in a garmet but I want to have another to switch out. I'm getting upper back/bra line, arms, tummy and inner thighs. I... READ MORE

Can fat grow back in an area that has had lipo?

I would like to get liposuction on my midsection, front and back. Even though I'm chubby (size 10-12), I like everything from the waist down. But when... READ MORE

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