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Is Lipo A Good Option for Under Arm Area Auxillary Fat?

I am 135lbs work out daily and eat very healthy. In last 2yrs I have noticed annoying fat towards back/top of my breast it is NOT part of my breast. I... READ MORE

How Long Can Bruises, Seromas and Lumps After Liposuction Last?

I had liposuction 7 weeks ago and I still have some light bruising on the lower back, abdomen and sides. How long can it take for the bruising to go... READ MORE

Just Had Lipo. I Think Too Much Fat Was Removed from Hips and Thighs. Revision Fat Grafts and Pain? (photo)

I recently had liposuction of upper, lower abdomen, inner, outer thighs, side, back hips. During my first consultation I was 30 pounds heavier. During... READ MORE

I am 3 months post-op. When will the tightness in my lower back and sides will go away? (Photo)

My lower back and sides still feel tight if i go to stretch along with a mild burning. When will it go away? i still feel some burning and numb spots... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for liposuction or would I need a tummy tuck? (Photo)

I'm 27, and a mom of an 8 year old and 6 mon old... 5'7' 198 lbs... I'm trying my best to lose my baby weight.. The only areas I want targeted is my... READ MORE

My back looks great but my sides and abdomen show some irregularities. Are there ways to fix this abdominal liposuction? (Photo)

I had liposuction on my hips, back and abdomen three and a half weeks ago. My back looks great but my sides and abdomen show some irregularities. How... READ MORE

I had liposuction on abdomen, sides and back (love handles) 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I had a drain for 4 days. (Photo)

Should I be concerned? Is there anything else I can do to help the swelling subside? How much longer do I need to wear the garment for? READ MORE

Is it okay to have liposuction prior to having children? (photos)

I am a 23 y/o female wanting to have liposuction on my stomach and sides. Would it be a waste to do this prior to having children? Please advise. READ MORE

Blotchy and hard sides after liposuction; anything to worry about? (photo)

I had liposuction 3 weeks and 2 days ago. Despite regular massage, my sides are very hard to the touch and are blotchy and discolored. Its hard to... READ MORE

Lumps and hard lines on stomach and sides 16 weeks after Liposuction. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I'm 21 years old & I had liposuction on my back stomach and sides 16 weeks ago and it looks terrible. :( I'm not sure what these hard "lines" are... READ MORE

Any idea of what could be causing this fat/tissue atrophy? Can it be fixed? (photo)

I am 33 yr old female. I noticed this atrophy in Oct 2013. It has continued to grow. I have seen orthopedic doc, had MRI and Xrays (no significant... READ MORE

Would I be an good candidate for abdominal liposuction? (photos)

I would like to get liposuction on my waist, stomach and sides but the areas have stretch marks. I want to be sure that if I get the procedure my... READ MORE

I'm appx 150lbs. Doctor removed about 850cc of fat from my abs and sides. How should this look on someone like me?

Because this is my third liposuction in 12 years, i developed a lot of fribrosis. He was able to remove about 850cc of fat from abdomen and sides, and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for body sculpting/lipo? Plus size, happy with my weight I just need a waist so badly!! (photo)

I'm a plus size woman 5 feet 8 inches and about 225 to 230 pounds so about a size 16 I do not want a tummy tuck. I really want to lipo/body sculpting... READ MORE

Will medicare and medicaid which I have pay for it? (Photo)

I have belly fat which make me look like I am about 8 months pregnant, on top of side and body back pockets. READ MORE

What is the BEST type of liposuction to get rid of fat around the tummy, sides and back with less downtime and results?

I considered a tummy tuck. But I am not certain I want to undergo something that drastic that leaves an ugly scar. Also, I am not certain I want more... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, I had Liposuction done but still feels fat on the side, is this the end result? (photos)

Hello, I'm 6 weeks post op and I feel like I still have lots of fat on the side? And sometimes front all depends if I just ate. I'm concerned about my... READ MORE

Does liposuction of fat from the sides interfere with blood flow to the lower abdomen? (photos)

I consulted with two surgeons. The first wanted to do two operations, one for tuck and the other for liposuction of sides His said risk of skin death... READ MORE

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