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Love Handles: Best Procedure for Removal?

Hi I want to get a procedure that will remove my love handles and make my waistline shapley. Right now its straight waistline. What is it I need done? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get an Hourglass Figure Through Surgery?

Right now I have a rectangular/straight shape,I heard breast implants and liposuction can make an hourlgass figure, so can i go from a rectangular... READ MORE

How Can I Lose the Fat on Pubic Area?

I had a really BAD liposuction in July 2009. I had the lipo on my both underarms, chin and lower stomach. Since that I am trying to lose my weight,... READ MORE

Liposuction Around Buttocks Improve Butt Shape?

Does liposuction in flanks, sides of hips and banana roll improve buttocks' shape? The doctor I went to does not recommend fat transfer. I am not... READ MORE

4 Months Post Lipo: Should I Still Be Swollen and Unable to See New Shape?

Lipo to iliac crest, sacral fat pad, abdomen, arms, waist,and outer thighs. I used to have a smooth silhouette and a nicely proportioned hourglass.... READ MORE

Changing Belly Button Shape w/ Lipo

I'm 21, female, thin. My concern is excess fat above my belly button that makes it look gaping and cavernous and saggy. I'm hoping to get lipo... READ MORE

Skin Saggy After Liposuction

I've done a liposuction in December 2009. My surgeon injected about 4 liters tumescent fluid and removed 1 1/2 liters of fat. After 6 months my tummy... READ MORE

Can Liposuction Be Performed on the Buttocks and Still Maintain the Same General Shape?

If a patient generally likes the round shape of their buttocks, but just wants it smaller, is that possible? READ MORE

Would lipo improve my shape without leaving "signs" of having it done? (Photo)

I'm getting lipo of my inner thighs, saddle bags and buttocks. I had a TT a year 1/2 ago and I now have a bump around my buttocks. I also hate how... READ MORE

How little lipo/fat grafting could I get away with and still achieve a nice shape? (Have love handles/ Want Hourglass) (Photo)

5'5"/125 lbs/early twenties. Best case scenario I could achieve a modest hourglass shape with just some love handle/flank lipo. Worst case scenario is... READ MORE

What is the BMI Requirement for lipo?

Hello I am 5'3 and i weigh 215 my main goal for the lipo will be to kinda help form the shape I want not anything else I was told my BMI has to be 34... READ MORE

Liposuction resulted in square shaped buttock- can this be fixed? (photo)

I'm 4 months out of recovery from liposuction to saddlebags, inner/outer thighs, and banana roll and now have a square shape to the buttocks. I'm... READ MORE

Is it possible for a plus size girl to get liposuction to certain areas while maintaining her overall shape?

I like my body for the most part and would only like liposuction to improve/balance out my over all shape. I have not seen many photos of plus size... READ MORE

How to improve leg shape? (Photo)

I am 53 yrs old , weight 124lbs . I exercise regularly yoga, Zumba , Pilates strength training. I would like to improve my leg shape. Is there any non... READ MORE

Liposuction is supposed to be a shaping/contouring procedure, right? (photo)

Exhibit A, B and C. All done by the SAME surgeon. Why is it that A & B look great and C still has love handles? Yes, a lot of volume of fat was... READ MORE

What can I do about my tree trunk legs which also lack skin elasticity? (photos)

I'm 5'6" and have never weighed less than 145. I'm 35. My weight has always been concentrated in my legs my entire life. However, the past 3 years, my... READ MORE

Recommendations for more of an hourglass shape?

Is there anything I can do (ab lipo) to change my boxy rectangular shape into an hourglass figure? As you can see, I'm quite thin. Thanks! READ MORE

Abdomen region has no shape with a bit of loose skin. What procedure would be best? (photos)

I believe I would need minimal work done Some areas when pinch are loose skin. I want to even this out. I also noticed i have some lines above my... READ MORE

Is micro liposuction a remedy for large thighs and fat knees that won't affect shape of butt? (Photo)

I want serious Micro liposuction on my thighs with a thigh lift (maybe putting that fat into my boobs or just a boob lift), anyway: I fear the... READ MORE

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