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Can the non-invasive treatment procedures ultrasonic cavitation and laser lipolysis be done together?

The mechanism of action is different- I am curious if they would hinder efficacy or if secondary laser treatment would speed the emulsification. ALSO,... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Incisional and Umbilical Hernia Repair with Mesh all at the same time?

I'm a young mother, BMI=22.7. I have a tiny umbilical hernia and appro. 4cm diameter incisional hernia along C-section scar which bulges out a little.... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Get Rhinoplasty, Breast Lift, and Liposuction at the Same Time?

I would like to get those three procedures done sometime this year. I want a little bit of lipo on my stomach, a breast lift, and a rhinoplasty. Is it... READ MORE

Can I Get Lipo and an Ovarian Cyst Removal at the Same Time?

Im planning to get a lipo but i have a 6cm cyst in my right ovary so i would like to know if both procedured can be done at the same time.... Is it... READ MORE

How Many Areas of Lipo Can Be Treated at the Same Time?

I did consult a Dr and they told me that it was okay for me to get liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen flanks and back and also get breast... READ MORE

Can I get liposuction on abdomen, flanks, arms, back, thighs, knees, with fat transfer to breast, butt with lift in 1 procedure?

I need liposuction in the abdomen, inner thighs, a little near my knees, flanks, back and arms. I want to transfer to my breast and butt and have it... READ MORE

Can lipo be done on your back and abdomen at same time or is that considered too much at one time?

I carry most of my body fat in upper body, my legs are slim. Looks totally out of proportion so wondered if I would be able to have my upper body... READ MORE

Will Lipo make my back and sides smooth? (Photo)

Will Lipo make my back and sides smooth? Or do I need a back lift? And, can I get a Breast lift and Back lift at the same time... or are the best... READ MORE

Are 6 Areas of Liposuction, Mini TT and Fat Transfer to Cheek Safe to Do in One Surgery?

I'm a 5' tall, weigh about 132 lbs, age 45, very healthy. I am considering to do body-jet liposuction on my inner & outer thighs, flank/back, arm,... READ MORE

Thigh lift surgery with liposuction. Should I have both procedures at the same time?

I need thigh lift surgery to get rid of excess skin in my medial thighs. However, I also need liposuction of my thighs to reduce their bulk. Should I... READ MORE

I Am Considering Having Liposuction of the Inner and out Thigh Done at the Same Time I Have my BL W/implants? (photo)

My question is, will the lipo help? I know it's meant to get rid of problem areas and as you can see I have them! (saddle bags-yuck). I'm 35 and my... READ MORE

I had Lipo done same time as breast lift & augmentation. Can anything be done to get rid of big indentions above knee? (photo)

My legs are worse now than before big indentions even shows through my jeans so embarrassed cannot hide it . I think lipo should never be done on... READ MORE

Is it safe to have liposuction and a breast augmentation done at the same time?

I am getting a breast augmentation done in March and was interested in getting liposuction as well. Upon researching it seems it is safer to preform... READ MORE

How many body parts can be safely liposuctioned in one procedure?

I had a full tt with abdominal lipo in Feb. 2013. Outcome was decent but I have gained about 15 pounds since. It is mainly located in arms, breasts,... READ MORE

Liposuction for "debulking" then extended tummy tuck?

I'm set on this surgeon. Her plan is to get lipo of back, flanks and upper abdomen to "debulk", wait 3 months and proceed with extended tummy tuck. I... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do like Liposuction under my butt area to give more of a cuff? (photos)

I got lipo and bbl April 28 2012 all though I love my results I am not happy with my lower butt area I wanted more of a cuff to make my butt pop out... READ MORE

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