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How Many Areas Can You Treat in One Liposuction Session?

I know there is a limit on a safe amount (about 5 liters) to be taken out in every session of Liposuction. However, does it matter how many areas it... READ MORE

Liposuction for the Knees

I am 47 years old, and the shortest shorts or skirts I wear are just above the knee. My knees are chubby, and I wonder if liposuction could improve... READ MORE

Cheek and Chin Fat: What Type of Liposuction is Best?

I am a petite female from orange county ca 21 yrs old I have some extra fat in my lower cheek area and under my neck. I am 5'2 and weigh about... READ MORE

6 months post op Liposuction in abdomen and flanks. I developed fibrosis and lumps. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 6 months post lipo and my results are not satisfying. I believe I developed fibrosis/lump above my belly button that runs across my abdomen from... READ MORE

How to remove this buffalo hump naturally and safely? (Photo)

What cause a buffalo hump? And how to remove it naturally and safely? I don't take any medicines and i have no disease. READ MORE

Safest and Best Way to Remove Cheek Fat -Smart Lipo, Mesotherapy,,meso-therapy, Buccal Fat Removal?

I had my cheeks injected with my own fat 6 years ago. My Upper and lower cheeks are to large and full. It even effects my smile. Please How or What is... READ MORE

Liposuction in a Doctor's Office?

My doctor’s office is medi-care certified and he said he could perform my liposuction there, instead of in a hospital. Is this safe? READ MORE

Which Kind of Liposuction is Safest? I Just Want my Saddlebags Done?

I've tried to research the safest, best type of liposuction, but can't seem to find whihc option is safest. My husband does not want me to... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Lipolysis Does Not Involve the Use of a Cannula to Remove the Disrupted Fat. Is It Safe?

I was told that the disrupted fat would be excreted via the urine and faeces. Is this safe? Are there any side effects? READ MORE

Is Breast Augmentation & Liposuction at Same Time Safe?

I am a healthy 30 year old with no significant medical history. I am hoping to have a Breast Augmentation (with 375cc Silicone implants) and... READ MORE

Are Multiple Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Safe?

I am a healthy 47 year old female considering having the following cosmetic surgery procedures performed at once: 1. Gummy bear breast augmentation... READ MORE

On How Many Body Parts Should I Take Lipo to Be Safe?

1)I would like to get lipo on my ankles, calves, Knees and inner thigh on the same day, is it safe to do that. 2)I was a swimmer(active in all my... READ MORE

What are the Risks of Cavitation Lipo on my Stomach and Thighs?

Hi, i am an active, 130 lbs 37 year old female who is contemplating getting cavitation lipo on my stmoach and thighs. I would like to know the safety... READ MORE

Is Lidocaine Poisoning During Conscious Liposuction a Large Risk Factor?

I am having multiple areas liposuctioned,i.e. lower abdomen, love handles and saddlebags. I'm not overweight at all, just have some problem areas. Is... READ MORE

Just Had Lipo. I Think Too Much Fat Was Removed from Hips and Thighs. Revision Fat Grafts and Pain? (photo)

I recently had liposuction of upper, lower abdomen, inner, outer thighs, side, back hips. During my first consultation I was 30 pounds heavier. During... READ MORE

Is Lipo-Ex Safe?

I recently read about a local doctor who performs the Lipo-Ex non-invasive fat reduction procedure. Is it safe? Are there any negative concerns about... READ MORE

Safe Liposuction for Lipodema?

I am a 59 year old female with severe type4 Lipodema.. I have had this condition from the age of 12 but it progressed very quickly from age 30. Does... READ MORE

Surgery to reduce trapezoid muscles? (photos)

So, I guess I wasn't clear with my last question. I have large trapezoid muscles (between my shoulders and neck) and they've been like this all my... READ MORE

Are Rhinoplasty & Liposuction safe if done at same time?

I will be undergoing rhinoplasty, to correct a deviated septum and make my nose prettier, and liposuction surgery next week and would like to know... READ MORE

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