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My stomach is lumpy and uneven after lipo suction. How can I correct this and is it normal?

I had lipo suction about 6 months ago on my stomach and the fat was transferred to my butt. My stomach was flat and smooth before and now it's lumpy... READ MORE

Lumps and Indentation After Liposuction

I had Liposuction on my outer thighs about a year and a half ago. The results were unsatisfactory, and I'm left with indentations and lumps. Can this... READ MORE

Liposuction After Hernia Repair

Is it safe to have abdominal liposuction after you have had several abdominal surgeries,including 3 hernia repairs, there are painful adhesions and... READ MORE

When Can Lipo Be Done to the Abs After a Tummy Tuck Scar Revision Procedure?

I had a tt scar revision with some muscle repair to my obliques. How long should i wait to get lipo done to my abs for definition? My stomach is flat... READ MORE

Can your abdominal wall heal itself if it was damaged during lipo captivation treatments?

I had lipo captivation on my abdomen about a month ago and since my abdominal muscles have been sore. Mostly upper and obliques. I work out and... READ MORE

Diastasis Repair Endoscopic. Is this necessary or would liposuction work just as good for me? (photos)

I recently visited a plastic surgeon wanting to have Lipo on my abdominal area. He suggested Diastasis repair. He said that he would make a small... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for liposuction suction only? (Photo)

If I could get my sexy figure back and a flat stomach with liposuction, I would not mind the stretch marks. Will loose skin be an issue? Can I also... READ MORE

Inner thighs lipo. I had inner thighs lipo and one thigh looks indented in as opposed to the other one. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have an indent on my left inner leg as opposed to my right leg where is lump and swallen. All I wanted was for a smooth inner thigh less rubbing leg... READ MORE

If I lost pregnancy weight could I get just liposuction or do I need abodominoplasty with abdominal wall repair? (Photos)

I had my 2nd child 7 months ago & I am roughly 20kg (about 45pounds) heavier than my pre pregnancy weight. If I was to lose this weight would I... READ MORE

Can my doctor Liposuction my fat graft in my hip?

I had fat grafting done to my hip to repair lipo I had there 10 years ago. I think my Dr over corrected. I'm almost at 2 weeks, and I've had no... READ MORE

Bad lipo! I had twins just over 3 years ago and not one single stretch mark! (photo)

Had lipo on my stomach and Flanks. Entire abdomen looks like a train wreck! I have what looks like brushing&scarring. Have had 3 pregnancies with no... READ MORE

Looking for a plastic surgeon in St. Louis to repair an umbilical hernia and do liposuction.

I'm looking for a plastic surgeon in St. Louis to repair an umbilical hernia and do liposuction at the same time. Also, if possible to also do a... READ MORE

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