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Male Butt Reduction Surgery?

I am a 24 year old male with a very large buttock. I would like to get surgery done to drastically reduce the size of my buttock, as it lowers my self... READ MORE

Mons Pubis reduction costs? UK.

I am 20 years old, 5ft '4in and weigh 123 pounds. How much it would cost for a mons pubis reduction as I have felt conscious about it since I was 15.... READ MORE

Is There a Safe Way to Reduce the Size of Calf Muscles?

I'm quite thin and small and my calves are grossly disproportionate to the rest of my body. I have 15.5 inch calves and 18 inch thighs (both measured... READ MORE

What is the Average Cost Involved in a Knee, Cankle Reduction?

What is the Average Cost Involved in a Knee, Cankle Reduction? READ MORE

What Options Are There to Reduce the Size of my Calves?

I asked a similar question in the lipo section & I posted pics of my calves on that. Most doctors said 'no way' to lipo because my issue is bulky... READ MORE

What is Jowls? Do I Really Need a Jowls and Jawline Reduction? (photo)

Please see my pictures. My surgeon suggested that I could do jowls lipo to make me more youthful look. Do I really need a jowls reduction based on my... READ MORE

How visable would the scars be from temporal muscle reduction? (photos)

I've recently told a liposuction surgery to reduce the small amount of fat from around the temporal area of my head might help with my problem but the... READ MORE

Can I get liposuction on my boobs causing a reduction or is the only option breast reduction surgery?

Hi I'm a 32ddd , after talking to a doctor he recommended liposuction bacause it still want feeling in my boobsafterwards. Can I get liposuction... READ MORE

I Have a Very Big Butt, Can I Reduce It by Liposuction?

My butt size is upper body is in good shape.but my buttocks and thighs r too vital stats are is it better to try for... READ MORE

Is UltraSlim Effective in Fat reduction?

I'm middle aged and not trying to lose any weight; I just want to lose some fat in certain areas. I want to know what Doctor's opinions are of the... READ MORE

Is liposuction a practical way for reduction of knee fat and creating a more normal shaped knees? (photo)

From what I understand so far, desirable outcomes with knees are difficult with liposuction. I absolutely plan to consult a surgeon for liposuction of... READ MORE

How much does it cost for a calf muscle reduction? (photo)

I have huge calf muscles dr Remus how much would that method of cutting the nerve cost and how effective would it be at giving me slimmer calfs READ MORE

Can liposuction and breast reduction help me lose 25lbs?

I gained 20 pounds (up from 135lbs) from hypothyroid, side effects from medication (I'm bipolarll). I'm being treated with increased thryroid... READ MORE

Would liposuction be a suitable procedure for male buttocks reduction?

I'm 23 and male. I'm about 6' 0'' tall and I weigh around 175 lbs. Now I have always had, even when I was much skinnier (around 140 or so lbs in high... READ MORE

Thinking about butt reduction & boob job. I'm 23! I want a round butt instead of an oval shape (Photo)

Should I get lipo in those specific areas hips/butt/thighs? Or can I go a natural route with exercise? Also concerned with my breasts they're far... READ MORE

Compression garments 4 weeks after the facial lipo and surgical masseter reduction. What'll happen to the end result? (Photo)

I've had (non-laser) facial liposuction (5 cc.), necklift, surgical masseter reduction done on Sept. 23. Because of unavoidable circumstances, I... READ MORE

Puffy Nasal Labial After Cheek Liposuction?

12 years ago I had llipo suction to my cheeks. Afterwards my skin was broken and swollen however I was told this was to be expected and sure enough... READ MORE

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