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Clothes Don't Fit After Lipo and Fat Transfer? (photo)

Hi doctors, I recently had lipo done on my sides and flanks, and fat transfer to my buttocks. I know that I must still be swollen, as my lower back... READ MORE

Thigh (Circumferential Liposuction) Isn't Recommended Because of Swelling and Lengthened Recovery. Is This True?

Thigh (Circumferential Liposuction) Isn't Recommended Because of Swelling and Lengthened Recovery. Is This True? READ MORE

Tummy Not Completely Flat After Liposuction

Hi doctors, would appreciate your opinions. I am 13 days post liposuction of abdomen, inner, outer thighs, back of arms and some fat reinjected to my... READ MORE

10 Days Post Lipo Abdomen and Flanks - Rubbery Hard Area, is It Swelling? (photo)

I have read about post lipo swelling and was expecting fluidy swelling/feeling. But my abd and flank started to get progressively hard and rubbery on... READ MORE

Liposuction Horror - Please Ladies Be Very Careful - Research May Not Be Enough - Get Recommendations! (photo)

Had researched hard & decided to go with a well known Dr in France. Paid much money to go with him. I didn't want to risk my body with just anyone... READ MORE

Is it Normal I Keep Gaining Weight 2 Weeks After Lipo?

I had lipo to my abdomen, and rear flanks. I was 260lbs, now I'm 271 two weeks later. I've been eating clean, drinking a lot of water and I've been... READ MORE

I Have a Crease Under my Belly Button About Two Inches Long After Liposuction-- It is a Half Inch Below my Belly Button?

I Have a Crease Under my Belly Button About Two Inches Long After Liposuction-- It is a Half Inch Below my Belly Button READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op. Lump on Upper Abdomen After Lipo on Stomach. Possible Hematoma?

I got lipo in tijuana 3 weeks ago and now I have a lump on my stomach i think Its a hematoma at first the area was hard and after the massages now its... READ MORE

Why Have I Had Chills in my Legs Since Liposuction 2 Weeks Ago?

I've had chills in the areas treated with liposuction (thighs, flanks, abdomen) since the surgery (14 days ago). When will this go away? READ MORE

Why Are my Legs Bruised and Numb After Abdomen Liposuction?

I had liposuction on my abdomen and waist 2wks ago,apprx 7lbs of fat was removed. i have bruised down my body as far as the back of my knees. The back... READ MORE

Like my Thighs So Far After my Lipo, but I Still See a Small Saddlebag on Outer Thighs?

I had liposuction on my thighs and I'm liking the results, it's only been three weeks. I don't want to be inpatient but as I look at fly thighs, I... READ MORE

Why Didn't My Anemia and Platelet Levels Not Show Up in My Bloodwork? Was it Not Checked?

I recently had liposuction with fat grafting to buttocks. This is a physician that does many, many of these procedures but for some reason when I was... READ MORE

Is It Possible That my Surgeon Forgot to Do One of my Outer Thighs During my Lipo Surgery?

I just had my surgery 4 days ago. I had both of my inner, anterior and outer thighs done, my abdomen and my upper arms. My body is very bruised and... READ MORE

I heard a Dr. once say that they give adderall to patients after liposuction. What's the reason and benefit of that?

Just curious. I would not take an amphetamine, but I am curious to see what it does to help the body recover from trauma. Whatever benefit it does... READ MORE

Why are some doctors not wanting to show results photos?

I've been to a few liposuction consults lately and some of them are either not prepared to show pictures or completely refusing to show results... READ MORE

Weight Gain After Lipectemy?

I have had several patients over the past year tell me that they have noticed weight gain and redistribution post liposuction and/or body contouring... READ MORE

Two years later, still have distension issues. Why? (Photo)

I asked about this before, now here I am and my color is better, but the distension is worse! I saw the surgeon again,He said he would redo the upper... READ MORE

I had liposuction to abdomen, back and hips w/ fat transfer. Why is my abdominal wall hard and ballooning out ?

I had a second lipo to my abdomen also (same Dr.) and was just 20lbs overweight at the time of both surgeries and I see no difference. My one cheek is... READ MORE

How is it possible for less work to cost more? Or more work to cost less? Lipo of 2 areas vs Lipo of many areas + BBL

I've done research on RS and called varies PS and I'm confused. Why is the price for liposuction of JUST lower abdomen and flanks/love handles priced... READ MORE

More than 1 lipo, never overweight, never pregnant - flat stomach but still no abs. Why? (Photo)

I have had more than one lipo for the sake of a Brazilian buttlift, Another lipo to revise the uneven first lipo then venus to take away the lumpiness... READ MORE

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