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Can Fat Pockets Be Taken From Around the Mouth?

The lower portion of my face juts out kind of, which I wouldn't have a problem with if the fat pockets around my mouth didn't make my mouth... READ MORE

Ribs protruding - can this be corrected?

Now that I have lost over 100 pounds, I can see that something strange happened to my ribs. Perhaps this happened due to pregnancy plus being... READ MORE

Huge Protruding Lumps After Ab Liposuction

It has been six months since my ab liposuction and there are two huge hard lumps portruding in my abs. Around 5" by 3" each. One is at the... READ MORE

What can be done about my huge protruding ribs? (photos)

I've always had a naturally tiny physique, but as I've reached my later teenage years, I'm now 17, my ribs haven't stopped growing, they are uneven,... READ MORE

Chubby Mon Pubis: Do I need Lipo or a Mon pubis lift? (Photos)

I have a potruding mon pubis, chubby. It makes me very insecure wearing certain clothing/bathing suits. I am unsure on what type of procedure that I... READ MORE

Could the ropy dense tissue near my armpits be scar tissue?

I had accessory breast tissue liposuction and excision 9-days ago. I now have dense ropy nodules on both sides, more thick (and actually protruding)... READ MORE

Will lipo help my protruding mons after tummy tuck? (Photo)

I am 6 months post tummy tuck. My mons sticks out pretty far (in my opinion) I have seen my plastic surgeon about this and he said he can do lipo to... READ MORE

My lower stomach fat will not go away, and it sticks out abnormally.. It is not "attached" to my lower body? (Photo)

I'm 22, 5'4 and roughly around 175-180 (I fluctuate horribly) size 12. I strength train, I box, I do a variety of cardio exercises, all 4-5 times a... READ MORE

Can I achieve a toned, flat stomach with liposuction? (Photo)

1. Can I achieve a toned / flat stomach look with liposuction , based on my picture ? Even though my upper stomach is protruding , as well and is not... READ MORE

I don't know if it's swelling or a seroma. I've had 2 protruding "lumps" in my lower abdomen for a couple of months now (Photo)

They seem to get bigger throughout the day. When I went in for my 6 week post op my ps said it was just swelling. The swelling hasn't gone away and I... READ MORE

Protruding Abdomen 8 Months After Lipo: What Do I Do Now?

I had abd lipo 8 months ago. My post op was very painful. My 7 month post op with surgeron, I still remained hugged and abd was protruding now. I met... READ MORE

I had lipo on my stomach in 4/13 and it still protrudes and it is uneven. Will wearing compression garments now help?

I had lipo on my stomach in 4/13. I wore compression garments for 3 wks. My stomach has reduced in sz. However, it still protrudes and it is uneven.... READ MORE

I'm 40lbs over my ideal weight and have severe lordosis. Am I a candidate for liposuction? What would my end results be? (Photo)

I am 40 lbs over my ideal (skinny) weight with a bmi of 28. I have severe lordosis therefore my stomach muscles have been weak as long as I remember... READ MORE

Is it normal for the abdomen to be hard and protruding 5 weeks for abdomen liposuction?

I am now 5 weeks post abdomen liposuction. My abdomen still protrudes out a lot in the upper and lower regions. Its a smoother contour but I still... READ MORE

Can liposuction help get rid of a pear shape, or a protruding butt?

Hello! For me, I have always carried a lot of weight in my thighs and glutes, but more so in my glutes. I store most fat there and it protrudes out... READ MORE

Would like to reconstruct a bulging stomach, and like information on various options? (photos)

I am 65 years old. At around age 60 I lost my waist, and my stomach appears to resemble a woman who is 4 months pregnant. I am hyperthyroid. I am... READ MORE

Would Liposuction of 150cc make any difference? (photos)

On 3rd Dec I had breast implants with fat transfer and extra lipo to waist, flanks, stomach and inner thighs. My stomach looks exactly the same which... READ MORE

How can I remove deltoid fat?

My lateral deltoids are fat ( pocket of fat) to the point where they protrude and make my frame look wider. Will exercise for the deltoids solve this... READ MORE

Can I get lipo to remove the pocket of fat around my belly button? (photos)

Ever since I can remember, my belly button has protruded out. It makes me look like I have a beer gut. I have an outie. I am fine with the rest of my... READ MORE

What can be done to revise deformities from old lipo?

Lipo suction has left me with a large depression and protruding scar tissue on one leg and wrinkled, deformed areas above the knee. Is there anything... READ MORE

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