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Liposuction Prices

Motivated to get lipo on my stomach roll(s). when i look at doctors websites on real self i can't find any information about their liposuction prices.... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Through Liposuction Price Range?

I want to go down a cup size or 2 from an original DD cup. I am 22 years old and extra fat in breasts run in my family. Can anyone give me a price... READ MORE

Liposuction Price for Love Handles?

I am a male, 41 and athletic. I'd like to get a price for the love handles on both sides...belly and back area just above the belt line. READ MORE

Groupon Smart Lipo Deal

Doctors: are you considering using Groupon to promote your practice? Do you think it's ethical? Why is/isn't a good thing? READ MORE

Cost of Liposuction on Sides and Back?

Hello I am 18 years old, and I want to know how much does liposuction cost to have my sides and back done? My mom had liposuction done and it turned... READ MORE

What's the Typical Price for Upper Back and Axillary Liposuction?

I need to know the price of upper back and posterior axillary liposuction. I'm planning to have lipo done this august on my upper back and the side of... READ MORE

How much is Water Liposuction?

It looks like the next best thing. What is the difference between regluar liposuction and Water Liposuction? READ MORE

Is $4,200 for Ab Liposuction a Good Price?

I know price is not the first consideration but in this economy it is very important to me. I am just needing my abs Liposuctioned (mostly just lower... READ MORE

How Much is Liposuction?

What is the approximate cost of liposuction? READ MORE

Price range for mons pubis liposuction?

I'm located in L.A and wanted to know what is the price range for minutes pubis liposuction? Also, which liposuction would work better on the moms... READ MORE

Hip and Thigh Liposuction Price in South Carolina?

Hello, what is the price for liposuction in the hip and thigh area? I am from South Carolina and I know prices vary by region. Please let me know... READ MORE

What's a Reasonable Quote for Liposuction of Arms?

I was quoted $4,000.00 for Liposuction for my upper arms. The procedure is done with small/thin tubes (I cannot remember if that was the word used).... READ MORE

How Are Liposuction Prices Determined?

What factors go into the price of liposuction? READ MORE

I am currently looking to have fat removed from my back, abdominal area, arms, and inner thighs. (photos)

Would like to know how long it would take to heal... also the price... and if there's any long term side effects... I am 5'8" and about 235lbs... READ MORE

If I lose 20-25 more pounds; will this make my surgery price lower if the doctor requires me to lose more weight?

I was quoted a price for liposuction of the chin, arms inner thighs, knees, midsection, brazilian butt lift , tummy tuck and breast lift. Then I was... READ MORE

How to become a liposuction model?

I just had a thought, obviously plastic surgeons that are new to this procedure must do live training right? So how would one become the model for a... READ MORE

How do I know if I'm being over charged? (Photo)

I went to a consultation to see pricing because I am interested in getting the tickle lipo with fat transfer to buttocks, but I feel as if they are... READ MORE

Age requirement for liposuction of 'double chin'/neck area?

I was wondering the age requirement for liposuction of under chin area with and without parental consent. And what the price range is for the specific... READ MORE

I'm 260, need to loose 80 pounds. Can I have lipo then add it to buttocks? What price? I need at least 60 removed

Also what imsurance do i need that will qualify me for bariatic surgery? Can i have bariatic weight loss surgery and them lipo? Ot do i have to choose... READ MORE

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