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Can Fat Pockets Be Taken From Around the Mouth?

The lower portion of my face juts out kind of, which I wouldn't have a problem with if the fat pockets around my mouth didn't make my mouth... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Tummy and Thigh Liposuction: Why Have I Seen Absolutely No Results?

I'm 5'1 and 128 lbs. These were persistent pockets of fat; I am very fit. I took measurements before the surgery and daily change... READ MORE

What would you recommend to remove pockets of fat by my mouth? (photos)

What are these? How do I get rid of them? Will they leave scars? I'm skinny for my age. READ MORE

I'm 25, 5 ft, 110 lbs. My top part of inner thighs looks like two fat pockets/bulges. Am I a candidate for Liposuction? (photos)

I've had it for a long time and have been extremely active and it still wouldn't go away. I'm here to ask if I would be a good candidate for... READ MORE

I have multiple rows of fat on my stomach-why do I have these "band-like" depressions in between each roll & most others don't?

No matter how thin or thick I am, I have multiple rows or sections of rolls of fat on my stomach-why do most people not have these "band-like"... READ MORE

I had lipo twice in the abdomen. Permanent fluid pocket and tissue damage? Uneven abdomen. Can it be corrected? (photos)

11/1/2012 2nd lipo surg. Months later lumps are still present and i followed all post op instructions and self massages. Small fluid pocket still... READ MORE

I had HD liposuction 2 months ago for treatment of the inner thigh. Now I have empty pockets on my inner thighs. Any suggestion?

Doctor did inner thighs, inner leg, and under buttocks. I now have pockets on my inner thighs. She was not clear that I could be left with empty... READ MORE

How can I remove deltoid fat?

My lateral deltoids are fat ( pocket of fat) to the point where they protrude and make my frame look wider. Will exercise for the deltoids solve this... READ MORE

7 months post op Liposuction and I still have a pocket of fluid. Will it go away? (photos)

I had liposuction 7 months ago. For the most part I'm happy with the results but on my right side, I have something that won't seem to go away. The... READ MORE

Lumps, Dimpling and Hard Pockets 8 Months Post Lipo. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 8 months post lipo. I am a 54 year old female. My stomach has lumps, dent, and dimples. There are still several pockets of hardness under the... READ MORE

What is this? Why is is it angry? I know when I have upset the area as I feel pain and discomfort. (photos)

I have no idea what is going on with my tummy after liposuction in 2013 I got a dent. I went back a second time told PS was going to feather it out,... READ MORE

How can I naturally rid myself of this fat pocket? (Photo)

I have an extremely lopsided face. My biggest concern, though, is the large pocket of fat under one side of my lip and not the other. Can I get rid of... READ MORE

Can I get lipo to remove the pocket of fat around my belly button? (photos)

Ever since I can remember, my belly button has protruded out. It makes me look like I have a beer gut. I have an outie. I am fine with the rest of my... READ MORE

Why do I have this pocket after Lipo? (photos)

I had lipo done under my chin. And now I have this pocket/ double chin. What can I do to fix this? READ MORE

Should I massage it out or have it drained? 1 week post-op. (photo)

1 week post op on Liposuction on full back and abdomen, I feel like I have a pocket of fluid on my lower back right above the buttocks, will this go... READ MORE

What is this pocket I have? Will it ever go away? (Photo)

I did lipo on august 15th. I'm very happy but I have this pocket that won't flatten out. Saw him and tried taking fluid out but only blood came out.... READ MORE

Irregularities after stomach lipo. PS said we can't exactly know if scar or fat except with MRI! Is this true? (Photo)

I went to see my PS after I noticed some irregularities on my stomach ( I freeked out ) I read that they can still swelling or scar tissue or fat... READ MORE

How effective is knee liposuction? (Photos)

Hi, I had a full body lipo few years ago but I'm still not happy with my knees. No matter how much I workout or diet, I still have pockets of fat.... READ MORE

Why have my lipo results gotten worse? (Photos)

I got a BBL with lipo to the abdomen, flanks and back 3 months ago. I was unbelievably happy with the result after 2 weeks to about 1 month. Three... READ MORE

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