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Liposuction to Remove Silicone Granuloma on the Face?

I recently developed Silicone granuloma's on my face after injections to fill acne scars in 2004. A plastic surgeon wants to perform liposuction. Has... READ MORE

Liposuction or Thigh Lift After Weight Loss?

I have gone from 22 stones to 14 stones over a course of 6 years. The skin on my inner thighs droops down. I was considering a thigh lift but after... READ MORE

Who is more qualified to do my liposuction: dermatologic surgeon or plastic surgeon?

I had a consult with a plastic surgeon and a dermotologist and they both claim to be liposuction specialists.The dermotologist said when they perform... READ MORE

Finding a Liposuction, Fat Transfer Doctor I Can Trust?

I need to find someone who works with Liposuction deformities, but can't spend the outrageous sums asked by the most prominent. How can I know a... READ MORE

Who'd You Recommend for Liposuction in Utah Based on Your Experience?

Is there anyone in Utah who has had regular Liposuction or Smart Liposuction that can recommend or not recommend their doctor? READ MORE

Is Facial Lipo Combined with Sciton Skin Tightening Safe?

I'm a healthy 35 year old male who had Liposuction on the face and neck/buccal pad fat excision 3 years ago and the results were good. Now, I still... READ MORE

Choosing Between Two Surgeons

Im planning to get lipo on my chest and flanks sometime in mid December. I visited a total of 5 plastic surgeons I narrowed down my choices to two... READ MORE

Is doctor responsible for fixing over lipo areas due to her saying she did more lipo and didn't see till swelling went? (Photo)

I had lipo preformed the same day on lower back both flanks upper n lower belly. I now have lose skin badly :( . Is the doctor responsible for fixing... READ MORE

How to Research Doctor's Credentials Before Liposuction?

I am looking into Liposuction. How do I "vet" the doctor before hand so that I spend time only speaking with the most professional and well... READ MORE

How to Trust a Doctor for Liposuction?

Hello!!! Please helps me !!! I want to get a liposuction done with a doctor that seems like he knows what he is going. I had a free consultation and... READ MORE

Who performs Liposuction?

What type of doctor a person should go to. Do doctors other than plastic surgeons perform lipo? Can they go to a dermatologist? Do physician's... READ MORE

Surgeon paid a settlement; should I be worried?

My surgeon recently paid out a $450K settlement. Is this a huge warning sign or could it happen to anyone? READ MORE

How to become a liposuction model?

I just had a thought, obviously plastic surgeons that are new to this procedure must do live training right? So how would one become the model for a... READ MORE

What credentials should I look for when choosing a surgeon to perform Liposuction?

I am interested in liposuction of the lower abdomen and inner and outer thighs. What is the difference between American Board of Plastic Surgery... READ MORE

Board certified dermatologist or board certified plastic surgeon?

I am struggling a bit to choose a doctor for my liposuction. The one that I like is a board certified dermatologist but is not a plastic surgeon board... READ MORE

Board certified ? How do I know what the certification is for?

So I am looking for a board certified surgeon to perform my procedure hopefully in February.I have been to various sites including ASPS ect ect , to... READ MORE

Board certified surgeon insisting on general anesthesia. Why is that?

I got a consultation for liposuction for abdomen and flanks. Surgeon says he won't do it local because it will hurt too much. Says I'm a medium volume... READ MORE

Why are some doctors not wanting to show results photos?

I've been to a few liposuction consults lately and some of them are either not prepared to show pictures or completely refusing to show results... READ MORE

Is micro liposuction and fat transfer something that should be done ONLY by PLASTIC surgeons?

I see many cosmetic surgeons, dermatologist and others that perform microliposuction, laser liposuction, fat transfer (face, small areas), etc. I... READ MORE

Is there a Liposuction limit?

Is it common for a Plastic Surgeon to put a limit on how many CC's of fat can be removed in one surgery? READ MORE

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