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How to Remove Hardened Scar Tissue 3 Years After Power-Assisted Liposuction?

I had liposuction 3 years ago. The doc used PAL, results were pretty poor. Overuse of garment caused scar tissue and underlying fat caused more... READ MORE

Power Assisted Lipo Vs Ultrasound Assisted Lipo- What's the Difference?

Can these really help tighten and leave wanting results for the abdomen? READ MORE

200cc Removed - Is That a Good Amount?

I'm a male 5'9 170lbs in good shape(workout 5-6 per week). I decided to have lipo done on the abdomen and flanks a year ago. I had a... READ MORE

What is the Best Type of Liposuction for slender 5'8 woman 25 years old?

Hello and thank you for reading this. I've been researching about Smart lipo, vaser, PAL, ultrasonic, tumescent lipo, etc. With all the choices out... READ MORE

Will Lumpiness Go Away After PAL Lipo?

I am 6 weeks out and looked much better before the PAL Liposuction to stomach area. I still massage the area, but have cut the hours to 4 for wearing... READ MORE

Drains Used for PAL & Laser Lipo Incision Sites?

Hello. I am a healthy, 29 year old male at my ideal weight and about a week ago I underwent IV sedated, tumescent PAL & Laser liposuction of my... READ MORE

Laser Vein Removal on my Legs and Feet - Before or After PAL Liposuction?

I have slightly veins on my legs and feet which I want removed via laser. I am planning to have PAL liposuction on my outer thighs. Can you please... READ MORE

Three Incisions in the Leg for 5 Leg Areas! Is This Possible or Was I Tricked?

Two days ago I had PAL liposuction. I had my ankles, calves, above the knee, anterior thigh, and out thigh done (also arms). My doctor told me he is... READ MORE

Do You Recommend PAL Liposuction Incisions Be Made Below the Patella? (photo)

Is it safe and sound to make incisions here (as indicated in the picture), below the patella? Why or why not? READ MORE

Why do some prefer drains and others don't after Liposuction? Burns with power assisted Lipo? Tummy Tuck necessary? (photo)

I have seen a few outcomes where women have had lipo and their physician insist they performed PAL (power assisted lipo) not laser using heat but have... READ MORE

PAL recovery for hairdresser. Is one week off enough?

I am a 28 year old female, who is having PAL (liposuction) on my arms back thighs buttocks, lower and upper abdomen and love handles. I am a... READ MORE

How much swelling after PAL of flanks and abdomen expected 4 days postop? My incision sites were sutured, no drainage occured.

My surgery was Friday morning and I had a breast lift with augmentation as well as abdominal and flank lipo. My surgeon closed the incision sites so I... READ MORE

Can I do a 7 hour outdoor activity which includes walking and short hike 4 days after abdominal liposuction?

Hello All, So i have PAL of the abdomen and a little bit from my inner upper thigh scheduled but I realized it is 4 days away from a day camping... READ MORE

PAL vs Traditional Liposuction. Any suggestions?

Hello i would like ro know if Lipo PAL is the same Procedure of Traditional liposuction? That fat can be use to transfer to buttock? And if im a fat... READ MORE

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