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Which Type of Liposuction is the Least Painful?

I'm considering having smart lipo or vaser lipo on my inner knees, stomach and back areas. The only final thing putting me off right now is the... READ MORE

3 days post lipo 500ml or less removed, it looks like nothing was taken out. Is it normal to have this little taken out? (Photo)

I know im a little bit swollen but i paid 6 grand to have flanks upper and lower abdomen and outer thighs dont and it looks and feels the same hardly... READ MORE

After Having Lipo on Flanks and Sides, my Skin Now Has a Mottled Appearance. Proceedure Was Done 6 Months Ago?

Any ideas on why and if it will go away? Dr who performed said he has not seen this before. This will definitely show up wearing a two piece bathing... READ MORE

Is sleeping on my stomach safe after liposuction?

After 5 weeks of having liposuction is it ok to sleep on my stomach. It is hard but there's no pain. READ MORE

After Liposuction of my inner thighs 6 weeks ago i noticed a hard lump on my inner thigh that feels somewhat elongated.

It is painless and there is no bruise or redness there now. I had liposuction of my thighs 3 years ago also but had unevenness. I went to my surgeon... READ MORE

No pain after surgery?

I just had my second round of liposuction around 7 months after my first. Both procedures included my chest, flanks, butt, belly, and outer thighs.... READ MORE

Flank lipo done 2 1/2 weeks ago. Weight gain?

I had flank Lipo done 2.5 weeks ago. Bruising gone and no pain left. Went to the doctor today for IBS and up about 5 pounds. Maybe more. Freaked me... READ MORE

Oddly shaped weird lump on face? (Photos)

Hello, about a week and half ago I started to notice a lump that suddenly appeared on my right cheek area. I had filler around this area but only 0... READ MORE

I had lipo 14 days ago, and now have a 6 inch tumor looking thing on my stomach

I am 14 days out from lipo and a bbl, I have a 6 inch tumor looking think on the left side of my stomach about 6 inches wide and about 11 inches long... READ MORE

My upper arm is kind of almond or pear shape, I tried to do many exercises but it didn't work I have bulgy upper (Photos)

Right above elbow it is thinner but when you up it has kind of bulky ..Recently I started to go to massage but while doing near that upper arm fat... READ MORE

When can I expect the dysesthesia to resolve? Should I be concerned about any adverse outcomes from the tickle lipo?

I had tickle liposuction on my flanks 2/23 and the procedure was painless while getting it done. However post op day 1 I've notice extreme dysesthesia... READ MORE

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