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Red Flags to Spot for Large Volume Liposuction?

I am 5'7", 29 years old, and 215 pounds. I have been struggling with my weight since my third C-section in 2003. I diet and excerise, but it... READ MORE

Can Someone Who is Overweight or Mildly Obese Get Liposculpture or Smart Lipo, for Body Shaping Purposes?

I'm a 24 year old African American woman whose BMI is 39.3. Though my BMI is high I live a fairly healthy lifestyle and I am losing weight slowly.... READ MORE

I Have a Fatty Mons Pubis and I'm Considering Lipo. Are There Sexual Complications to a Procedure Like This?

I am so ashamed of the fat I have on my mons pubis. It hinders me from so many things in life. I always had a larger area of fat in that region, but I... READ MORE

Lipo or Vaser Lipo for Losing 30 to 40 Lbs?

My husband is overweight by 30 to 40 pounds and is diabetic. The medication always makes him sick in the bathroom. The doctor told him that if he... READ MORE

Liposuction for Overweight Patient?

I am 24 years old, 5'3" and weigh 170 lbs. About 1.5 months ago, I weighed about 198lbs. I did the hcg diet and that was how I got to 170lbs. 4... READ MORE

Should I Get Liposuction Done?

I'm 21 22 i'n July of 2011. I weigh about 240 plbs n 5"5. My thighs, stomach, hip, butt,arms, breast and face are my main oversize areas.... READ MORE

Could I Be a Candidate for Liposuction at 40 Pounds Overweight?

I know lipo is not a weight loss tool. I don't want lipo to lose weight; I want it to contour my neck and abdomen so that my body shape is nicer... READ MORE

Arm Liposuction After Massive Weight Loss?

I have lost approximately 155lbs via Gastric bypass surgery. I still have about 60 pounds to lose. I have always had larger arms but I have not really... READ MORE

Weight Loss Without Liposuction

Liposuction, lipodissolve, liposculpting, smart lipo, what's a girl to do if she just wants to lose the fat without paying a bunch for a treatment or... READ MORE

Liposuction for Losing Inches Safe Despite Being Overweight?

I am considering a form of liposuction to lose inches. I am overweight and have been working out, dieting and seeing a dietitian, but it seems most of... READ MORE

Other Areas That Qualify for Liposuction on Obese women?

Besides the arms, abdomen and buttocks, would an obese woman be a candidate for other areas to be liposuction? READ MORE

Achieving Ideal Weight with Liposuction and Tummy Tuck?

I am 5'10" right now and I weight 215 lbs. I am looking to have a Liposuction or Tummy tuck surgery will doing this help me get to the ideal... READ MORE

I'm 250lbs and I Want to Get Lipo and a Tummy Tuck. Should I Wait on the Tummy Tuck?

I'm 5'5" and 250lbs. I'm trying to get down to 200lbs. Will lipo and a tummy tuck be ok and help me reach that? READ MORE

Im250 Lbs I Would Like to Get Liposuction in my Stomach Back and Arms is It Safe Since Im Overweight?

Hi im 20 years old 5"6 and i weigh 255lbs Ive gain 100 lbs in the last 2 years,I recently began dieting and excercising but im getting married... READ MORE

I Have Excess Fat in my Thighs, Stomach, and Back. What Are My Options?

I overweight and I have a lot of body fat. I really want to get this done before I get married next year. My weight is about 230 and my height is... READ MORE

Where to Begin the Battle Vs. Huge Stomach and Breasts

I'm 39. I am 5.4" tall and weigh 219lbs. I am still fairly attractive but I can't seem to find where to begin the battle. My average weight has... READ MORE

Is this possible to lose with diet and exercise? (fat rolls on arms & flabby stomach) Is surgery my only option? (photos)

I'm 22 , and was overweight for most of childhood. Lost weight when I got to college (highest weight in high school 170 for a brief period - now 145),... READ MORE

Liposuction and Unstable Weight

Hi, I'm 26 years old, with a BMI of 26. Weight often flucuates 50 pounds. I'm unhealthy and I'm trying to get back to 116 but still would have... READ MORE

Can a 13 year old get major Liposuction?

Ok, so im 13 and about 256 give or take, I've tried diets, working out and stuff but never does anything. I've been over weight my WHOLE life, and... READ MORE

Can't Lose Weight - Will Lipo Help?

I weigh 180 lbs and can't lose weight. Will lip help meDiets just don't work for me. I'm very depressed and feel unattractive. What can I do? READ MORE

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