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Does Lipo Fat Really Return in Other Places?

The study released in the NY Times yesterday seems to indicate that there's a pretty good chance lipo fat will come back in other areas of the... READ MORE

Liposuction for Obese Patient?

I am 29 years old, 5'5" and weigh 219lbs. In 4 months I have lost 30lbs I have try dieting and exercise. now so I'm considering Liposuction on my... READ MORE

Best Non Invasive Liposuction for a Morbidly Obese Male?

Hi, I am 285lbs, 5' 10", male, 25 years old. I've exercised and tried diets, nothing seems to work. I was looking at various non invasive... READ MORE

Would Liposuction in a morbidly obese person be helpful?

Would liposuction in a morbidly obese person be helpful if they just wanted to remove around 11-20 lbs in order to be able to exercise without being... READ MORE

Misleading Before and After Photos of Liposuction?

I have been viewing several before and after pics on Drs websites, and a lot show obese people having Liposuction done. Most Drs won't do this if your... READ MORE

Can an Obese Person Have an Abdominoplasty with Liposuction to Help with Back Pain? (photo)

I'm 5'5 and 220lbs & 32yrs old. I've taken ssri's for depression for +10yrs, and started gaining the weight with the medication. I've been... READ MORE

I Am a 28 Year Old Overweight Female, Is Lipo Right For My Case?

As i already mentioned i m obese n hav tried almost al possible ways of weight reduction but nothin seemed to help me in reducin my weight. I wan to... READ MORE

Liposuction for Someone Weighing 297 Lbs?

I am currently 297 lbs. and I am still trying to lose weight. I exercise, minimize my meals and caloric intake, but the weight refuses to come off. Am... READ MORE

Is liposuction covered by insurance as a medical procedure? (photos)

I am type 2 diabetic and considered obese because of my size and height. I've tried water aerobics, zumba, work outs at gyms but my middle stays. READ MORE

What can I do about a large/fat mons pubis? (photos)

My mons pubis is very large and fat, it doesn't fit my body at all. I am slightly overweight, according to my Bmi, I need to lose 10 pounds until I'm... READ MORE

I'm 15 yrs old and obese. Do you think I am able to get liposuction with my mothers consent?

The main reasons I dont stick to my diets and exercises is because 1) healthy is more expensive 2) I can't stand the way I look (wobble and shaking)... READ MORE

Is Lipo Appropriate for an Obese Patient?

Is liposuction appropriate for an obese patient? I am 5'2" and approx. 260 lbs (25 y/o female). I spent the last 2 years losing weight and saving... READ MORE

I am obese. Is Lipo or tummy tuck a better option? I want to get rid of most of my belly fat.

I had /2 c sections and my stomach is hanging so far down it hurts my back. I'm kind of starting to slouch and it's becoming painful. I have a eight... READ MORE

Body mass index vs liposuction

My doctor told me that for my height, 5 feet six inches and weighing 170 pounds that my body mass index is 30-32, which is considered obese for my... READ MORE

Is there a doctor in Chicago who does liposuction on someone considered clinically obese ?

Female 43, 5'7" 215 lb. size 16. This is an ideal size and weight for ME, it's also the ideal size for the freelance modeling work that I do. However... READ MORE

Interested in addressing lower abdominal and love handle fat in least invasive manner. (photos)

I am a formerly obese kid, having reached 220 pounds at age 14. I became very active and modified my diet to lose weight over the years. However,... READ MORE

Liposuction on a morbid obese person.

I understand that this question has been asked before however I'm not looking to get the procedure to lose weight but more to make another area look... READ MORE

Is there any way I could get a doctor to sign off on Liposuction with insurance?

For the last 18 years i have been suffering with being morbidly obese im 26 now and i have done everything under the sun to loose the weight and its... READ MORE

14 y/o & 235 lbs. What is the Liposuction cost?

My daughter is 14 y/o and weighs as 235 lbs. She is considered obese and was wondering about liposuction. Clarifying that I will NOT allow her to get... READ MORE

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