Nipples + Liposuction

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Fat Transfer to Correct Crater Deformity After Liposuction

I had liposuction of abdomen and chest. The results were bad and not to my expectations. I was left with crater deformities behind the nipples. Would... READ MORE

Can a nipple ring be left in during liposuction?

I have one nipple pierced and is fairly new. If it is taken out, it will close up. Is there any way I can leave it in? My breasts are not being worked... READ MORE

Is this a hematoma? (Photo)

Is this a hematoma? I didnt get a post op vest...but I got some wraps to place on my chest. I feel like the swelling got worse after I adjusted the... READ MORE

Question about liposuction

I have seen videos where the surgeon has removed the woman's nipple or mans nipple while the doctor was doing a liposuction on the patients chest or... READ MORE

2 operations by same surgeon and not happy with results. Is it a bad lipo and bad scarring on nipple?

Do my pictures look my Surgeon has done my Lipo Suction Wrong? Can I go get it re done or get my money back because this is not what I paid for . the... READ MORE

Will Liposuction or any non surgical method help my little flappy nipples look better ?

Will Liposuction or any non surgical method help my little flappy nipples look better ? Also i have 10 pounds of excess weight .. when i've no excess... READ MORE

Soft painful lump on left armpit. Any suggestions?

I did lipo plus gland removal 12 days ago, incision was made on the nipple and below the nipple for lipo. For past two days, my left armpit developed... READ MORE

What to do if i had excessive nipple contraction, with no pointed part visible? (photos)

I had liposuction+gland removal on both the sides of the chest. But the right nipple, which was originally big in size and circumference, has... READ MORE

Post-op recovery for outpatient procedures?

I'm planning on having surgery in DR, but have had some trouble getting a reasonable answer to this question: How long will I need to stay on DR to... READ MORE

I have pain in nipple area and feeling hard tissues with pain. Any suggestions?

Hello dr i had surgery of liposuction bilateral for my chest 5 months ago, i still have pain in nipple both sides and i am feeling hard tissues in the... READ MORE

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