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Natural Way to Lose Fat Under Chin?

Iam a 40-year-old woman in pretty good shape with slender built and decent skin elasticity. I have a small stubborn pocket of fat under my chin. I was... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Neck Fat For A 22 yo?

I am 22 years old and have neck fat that I want to get rid of. I checked with a surgeon already. I asked him about a getting a neck lift and he said I... READ MORE

Swelling and Bumpy Appearance After Neck Liposuction

I had neck Liposuction done 3 weeks ago (tumescent procedure), and although I see a major improvment with the double chin I had, it's still lumpy... READ MORE

Experience from Laser Lipo on Neck and Jowls?

Looking for someone to explain their experience with the Laser lipo of the neck and jowls as well as recovery time. READ MORE

Neck and Chin Lipo Without the Resulting Loose Skin

Is 42 too old to have chin and neck Liposuction without ending up with a sagging skin? My skin is in good shape for my age, and I have always had this... READ MORE

Cortisone Injections for Liposuction Scar Tissue Lumps

I am a 34 year old woman 130lb. 5 wks ago I had liposuction on my neck and CO2 laser (to the underside of neck skin). It has not healed well and... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Facial Liposuction Swelling to Go Away?

I am 4 weeks post op facial liposuction. I have under my chin, neck and jowls suctioned. I can see some results and they look pretty good. There seems... READ MORE

Does Sleeping on my Side Affect Liposuction Healing?

Hi, sorry for yet another question haha. Does sleeping on one's side affect the outcome or healing of liposuction? I don't wear my garment... READ MORE

Looking like a train wreck from a Bad Results from Chin/Neck Liposuction, What are My Best Options for Fixing This? (Photos)

Nothing is as disheartening as being told your the perfect candidate for chin and neck liposuction then coming out of that procedure looking like a... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried with Neck Lipo Lump?

I had my neck Liposuction exactly one month today. I still see a fat pokcet underneath my chin and a few little bumps here and there. Should I be... READ MORE

Bulge Under Chin After Neck Liposuction

I am into day 4 after having neck liposuction. I just had the one incision under my chin, and had the fat removed from just under my chin and... READ MORE

Is Wrinkled Skin After 8 Days of Submental Liposuction Normal?

I am 55 year old female with pretty good elasticity in my skin. I had submental and abdominal liposuction 8 days ago. I'm still quite swollen on... READ MORE

Laser Liposuction for Male Double Chin

I'm a 46-year-old male. I had laser liposuction on my lower abs and flanks. I am now considering it on my chin/neck. My physician is concerned that... READ MORE

Neck Lipectomy Lipo - Chances of Crooked Smile or Nerve Damage?

Im 38 and having a neck lipo procedure. I had body lipo a year ago and i had an easy recovery except that i lost use of one of my arms for about a... READ MORE

Micro Lipo on my Neck 3 Weeks Ago and There's Still No Change? (photo)

My surgeon told me that i would see results at 1 month but that is only a week away so i don't see how this is going to change that much in that... READ MORE

Submental Lipectomy and Muscle Tightening On Neck 5 Weeks Ago. Left With Lumps From Hematoma? (photo)

I had a submental lipectomy & muscle tightening procedure done on my neck 5 weeks ago. A nasty haematoma resulted and now although the bruising... READ MORE

Double Chin, Neck and Jaw Line? (photo)

I am 29 years old and have double chin and fat neck also cheeks look fuller. My face is round with no prominent jaw line. Can liposuction help my case... READ MORE

Scar Concerns and Tightness After Neck Liposuction

I had submental Liposuction, and the scar under my neck is small but is tough and half of it is pinkish. I do have a keloid on my chest so this... READ MORE

Stomach Looks Bigger 1 Month Post-op Lipo

Hi! I had liposuction for my abs and neck 1 month ago. I'm actually a really lightweight person (male, 125 lb), so it wasn't a huge procedure,... READ MORE

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