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1 Week Post Lipo To Arms- What's The Best Way To Heal Correctly? Any Movements To Avoid?

What movements should i avoid when recovering from arm liposuction? I have had liposuction to the arms 1 week ago. now i feel tightness and its hard... READ MORE

Booked for Lipo N 29, Flying 3hours Home Next Day, What Can I Do to Reduce Risks Involved?

What can I do to reduce risks involved in flying within 12 hour after lipo 3 hour flight? Thanks READ MORE

Bottom Lip Not Fully Functional After Under-chin Muscle Tightening and Liposuction?

I am 3 weeks post op and I can't get my bottom lip to expose my bottom teeth. I can get it to fold over my bottom teeth and the corners still turn... READ MORE

Lipo is not for weight loss, but why not remove my saddlebags to reduce hip pain so I can exercise for weight loss?

I have hip pain/arthritis that makes it difficult to walk. I have saddlebags that I KNOW are putting pressure on the hip joint - when I lift the... READ MORE

6 days post op axillary Breast removal by liposuction, can't move or walk normally. Any suggestions?

I had my liposuction of axillary breast on both side for 6 days. My surgeon makes me wear a elastic strip tie up on two thick pad under my armpits for... READ MORE

I cannot reach overhead, limited motion after arm lipo. What to do? Is this normal?

4 weeks past after arm lipo and my arm motion is so limited. I cannot even tie my hair into pony tail. Is this normal? A seroma accumulated close to... READ MORE

What do you think? Is it nerve damage?

I got liposuction on arms 5 maths ago. My right arm has been giving me a lot of pain I can't sleep. pain throbbing it feel like I am getting... READ MORE

Having new pain, burning and tightness in the flanks - 4 months post op of lipo . A month ago I did not have this pain. (photos)

I had lower back issues early on ( seroma ). After 3 months I was improving . Now I'm having a "new" pain and tightness in the lower back/flanks .... READ MORE

Liposuction - Inner thigh stiff and soar when I walk at 8 days.

Is this normal . Today is my 8th day and i feel stiff and have difficulties walking around. i had inner and outer thigh & knee liposuction. My... READ MORE

How can this ditch in my leg be fixed? Thigh Lipo last February. (photo)

My surgeon took out way too much from this thigh. The inner and outer thigh was done. I don't feel like she thinks it looks bad but she only sees me... READ MORE

Sharp, burning, 'pulling' pain 4 days post lipo. Is this normal?

I am 4 days post op, liposuction of upper and lower abdomen and flanks. Starting yesterday I have noticed a burning, pulling pain a few inches above... READ MORE

Excessive liposuction. I have stiffness and lack of mobility in my ankle ligaments. Is this normal?

Same issue: My doctor didn't contour my liposuction properly, he removed excess subcutaneous fat and now my ankles look strange Plus i have stiffness... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel anxiety and limited range of motion 3.5 weeks post liposuction?

It's been 3 weeks and I feel like a boa constrictor is wrapped around my ribcage. I can't move well and my skin and muscle is still as hard as a rock.... READ MORE

Is the pain supposed to be this bad after lipo, 6 days post op? (photos)

Had Abdominal, love handles and back lipo 6 days ago and the pain is still unbearable..can't sleep or move freely without very bad pain. I feel like... READ MORE

Normal to be depressed and itchy after moving my body a lot?

US American in Korea. I had full body liposuction including face. Thighs are the most swollen. When I spend a day doing things (walking shopping and... READ MORE

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