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Looking for a Safe Affordable and Effective Liposuction Procedure Around Midsection, Options?

I am looking for a liposuction procedure to get rid of a couple stubborn pounds around my midsesction. Since I dont have that much fat to lipo, I am... READ MORE

Smoking cigarettes after Liposuction?

How harmful is it to smoke cigarettes after liposuction? ( I had arms and midsection done 2 days ago) what exactly are the harmful effects? How does... READ MORE

I'm 45 yrs old with a BMI of 40. Is there any procedure I can have done to reduce my 50 inch waistline? (photos)

I've contacted a plastic surgeon regarding a tummy tuck only to be stopped at the receptionist and told, the doctor would not operate on a patient... READ MORE

Can wearing a compression garment to the gym give me better results? (photo)

Have been seeing a lot of things recently about "waist training," especially with Hollywood celebs. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have... READ MORE

Is a Large Hourglass Figure Possible?

I was an active person till an injury 2 years ago which impacted my mobility. Exercise is not an option. I don't have bad eating habits, but... READ MORE

Is Liposuction a Good Option if I Am Very Fit but Still Not Seeing Ab and Waist Definition?

I work out 5 days a week and I'm happy with the definition and size of everywhere except my midsection. No matter how many planks, no matter how much... READ MORE

Is Liposuction a Worthwile Procedure? If I Gain Weight, Will It Go Back to my Mid Section?

Im thinking of getting liposuction because I have two punds in my midsection that i cannot seem to lose despite being thin. My weight fluctuates... READ MORE

Any recommendation for affordable/Inexpensive Liposuction in Houston?

I am a 24 year old female seeking liposuction in my mid-section. I have been financed for 1,000 but I am looking for a doctor in Houston that would be... READ MORE

Botox after liposuction?

I had liposuction on my midsection and had the fat injected in my hips 3 weeks ago, is it safe to get botox done on my face? READ MORE

4 wks post op Liposuction 360, I developed fibrosis 10days later & feel firm around my midsection. Any suggestion? (photo)

I feel this might of happened as i didn't wear my compression suit for a 6hrs. I had radio frequency treatments combined with lymphatic drainage... READ MORE

Will liposuction or liposculpture make my hips look more symmetrical and my mid section less thick? Congenital scoliosis (Photo)

I want to have a liposculpture on my mid section to create more symmetry on my hips since I have a congenital scoliosis. I know that liposuction will... READ MORE

What to do when bumps and minor bruising after liposuction does not go away? (photos)

I had my liposuction around my mid section and lower back about three years ago. My tummy wasn't ever huge and now it is mostly flat but I still have... READ MORE

How many ccs of fat are typically removed during liposuction on flanks, back, and mid-section? (Photo)

I'm 5'3 and went from 115-117 lbs up to about 135 lbs in preparation for a bbl. Today, I found out that the Dr. Only injected 300 ccs into each side.... READ MORE

I would like to have Lipo done on my mid section to get curvier shape and nicer looking butt . Would Lipo alone work? (photo)

Im 29 , 5'3 and 135 lbs really just want a super flat stomach / aggressive lipo and to look as though I have hips and a nice but. Please send me a... READ MORE

I want to lose some fat in my midsection and sides. Would liposuction help me? (Photo)

I've had two children and my stomache has a layer of fat but no stretch marks or a lot of loose skin I do have a layer of fat I cannot get rid of im... READ MORE

How long should I wear a compression garment after Liposuction?

I had lipo in April 2014 and still have residual swelling. the moment I start my day my swelling goes up 2 inches in my mid section. i have been... READ MORE

I'm in my 40s. 5'6 125 Lbs?

Healthy diet, Hard workouts 6x a week, yoga, cardio, weight training etc.... Very consistent. Although by most people's standards I am very thin, I... READ MORE

Can I get away with Liposuction of my midsection flanks and back or do I have to have Tummy tuck? (photos)

I'm 5'7 198lbs currently dieting to drop down to 170 and would really like to finally have a shape to my waist and a pretty flat abdomen. I'm pretty... READ MORE

What Would Type of Lipo Would Give Me the Best End Result? (photo)

I am near my goal weight but I have really soft fat around my mid section. Would the skin sit tight after the fat removal? I think I may have slight... READ MORE

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