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Should I Use Anti Inflammatory Drugs to Help Reduce the Swelling After Liposuction?

Pre op I was told to stop all medications. I was given basic analgesia post op but didn't need it (bonus). I have minimal discomfort at 2 weeks... READ MORE

Antibiotics and Pain Medicine After Liposuction?

Hi. I've done wisdom teeth surgery in the past and the antibiotics/ pain medicine always make me feel sick. I feel fine as soon as I stop taking... READ MORE

Liposuction Safe for a Healthy 71 Year Old?

Is Liposuction on inner thighs and saddle bags safe for a 71-year-old woman who has no health problems nor takes any medication? READ MORE

Should I Stop Aspirin ?, and How Long Should I Stop It Before Surgery?

I took aspirin everyday for 3 years old by Lupus, but want to get liposuction, What do I do? Should I stop aspirin ? and how long should I stop it... READ MORE

What will IV sedation feel like? Will it put you to sleep or will you still be awake?

I'm considering using IV sedation for my surgery but I don't want to be asleep during the procedure. Does it make you sleep or just relax you but you... READ MORE

Antibiotics Before Liposuction

Hi. I'll be having my wisdom teeth removed one week before having liposuction surgery. My question is, will the antibiotics and Tynenol that are... READ MORE

Lidocaine and Metoprolol

I had a full tummy tuck and lipo in April 2010 and I have some areas on my hips that are kind of lumpy looking so my PS offered to do in-office lipo... READ MORE

Is It Right to Take Ambezim After Liposuction, I Dont Have Arnica in my Country?

I am male and will do liposuctoin for my thighs and tummy. my doctor told me to find arnica but i cant find it in my country, can i use ambezim-... READ MORE

When Can I start my adderall and birth control pills again after Liposuction?

Yesterday I had liposuction under regional anesthesia and iv sedation (thighs, arms, chin.) How long do I need to wait to resume these medications... READ MORE

Stop Creatine before lipo?

I'm getting lipo of the flanks and inner/outer thighs (I'm going under anesthesia). Should I stop taking creatine? My surgery is a couple days away. READ MORE

What is the Average Post Op, Lanicane and Medication Cost for Lipo?

I have a concern with the cost at Sono Bello Beverly Hills. In addition to the price per area, I'm getting charged an additional amount of money for... READ MORE

Are There Medications E.g. for Cholesterol or Any Others That Could Be Contraindicators for a Successful Lipo Procedure?

I'm 59 with excellent skin and I'm in excellent physical condition. I'm thinking about having abdominal lipo. No one ever seems to ask... READ MORE

Does Candida or Rxs Affect My Post Lipo Results? (photos)

I had my liposuction f my stomach, lower back, and hips. Now it is 2.5 months out and the doctor told me that is the final result from Size 14 to a 12... READ MORE

Is 875mg 2/Day Enough for A Hard Lump After Lipo-Ex?

Here is the link to refer back to my original question about what to do. As recommended - I went to see an off-hour doctor - he gave a an RX for... READ MORE

I Was Just Prescribed 5 Months of Bumetanide (A Diuretic) Post-lipo. Is This Common?

I Was Just Prescribed 5 Months of Bumetanide (A Diuretic) Post-lipo. Is This Common? READ MORE

I heard a Dr. once say that they give adderall to patients after liposuction. What's the reason and benefit of that?

Just curious. I would not take an amphetamine, but I am curious to see what it does to help the body recover from trauma. Whatever benefit it does... READ MORE

Can I get lipo done while on medications?

Hi! I will like to get a Lipo done but I'm under two medications; Lisinopril 40 mg 1x a day and janumet50/1000 1x a day.. Can any Dr. Give me an... READ MORE

If I Take Coumadin Can I Get Lipo?

I Am 230lbs and Had a Tiny Superficial Clot. READ MORE

Can I Have a Liposuction if I'm Taking Sibutramine?

I'm considering doing a liposuction of my exterior and interior tights. I already visited a doctor and he said i'm the perfect candidat for... READ MORE

is it safe to take Imitrex after lipo?

Is it safe to take imitrex for migrains,thyroid meds and laxatives before and after lipo surgery READ MORE

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