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Can Liposuction Help Me Achieve my Ideal Measurements?

I am an 18 year old girl and weigh 123 pounds at 5'4". I have a waist measurement of 28 1/2", bust of 34", and hips of 36".... READ MORE

2.5 Months Post Lipo: Hips Improved but No Result on Knees

Hi! i had lipo march 1, 2011 on hips, thighs and knees. i can see results on hips and thighs but not my knees. i followed all instructions to the max.... READ MORE

How is Body Fat Accurately / Concretely Measured Before Suctioning It out Through Liposuction?

I haven't read anything about how body fat is measured to accurately determine how much might be safely suctioned out from each target area. How do... READ MORE

Should I get a Brazilian Butt Lift or aggressive Liposuction? (photo)

Measurements are 37-29(natural waist)-42. It is hard to see in the pictures but I do have fat in my lower abdomen and my whole stomach moves if I... READ MORE

Why is my waist measurement the same after liposuction?

Before Lipo I was 108 pounds, 5'3", 27 waist, 30 around belly button, 32 hipbone. I am now 3 months post op, and have the same measurements except... READ MORE

Do You Take Body Measurements During the Liposuction Consultation?

It would seem that the more data you can collect before changing the shape of the body, the better, so do you take measurements with a measuring tape... READ MORE

Is lipo a good option? Don't want to lose my curves, just take away the jiggle that causes chafing in the hot summer! (photo)

I have a question regarding realistic results I can expect from Liposuction. I'm 5 4 and weigh 147 pounds. My measurements are 37-28-39.5. I'm looking... READ MORE

Lipo of Upper Arms, Axillary, Upper Back and (possibly) breasts to achieve a smaller upper body as a whole?? (photo)

I am 5'2", 134. Measurements 38-30-43. I used to be a 34C until I had my 3rd child and I am now a 38C. My back looks broader, my upper arms are much... READ MORE

Does swelling get worse before it gets better?

I had lipo performed on my abdomen and flanks. Pain is reducing every day as expected, but I'm physically getting bigger and bigger around the... READ MORE

Should I get Liposuction or another procedure to get the tummy I want? (Photos)

I am trying to get to my goal of 50''-25''-50'' , my chest is 42'' around and my waist is 45'' around and I am working on those to with exercise and... READ MORE

If I got liposuction would I be able to achieve a really small waist? (Photo)

1. If I got liposuction would I be able to achieve a really small waist? - Waist currently measured at 30inches would like to be 26/27 in waist. 2.... READ MORE

Am I good liposuction candidate? What would be the best type of procedure to yield the best results? At what apprx cost? (Photo)

Hello, I'm 29yo, 5'8, 180lb, 33-34waist, Muscular/Thick build. I grew up a "fat kid" and to counter excess weight for the last 10yrs I've mostly... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: Should you have less fat or more fat during liposuction?

Liposuction is charged by your BMI. *Sonobello Charges by BMI. My measurements are 42, 31, 41. At 190 lbs I have previously had liposuction to 3 areas... READ MORE

What is the possible measurements I could achieve through liposuction in waist area?

I currently measure Waist 29' Hips 42' Bust 35' I have fat around my love handles and lower abdomen as well as my back, what is the possible... READ MORE

Is there a treatment that can help radically reduce my buttocks? (Photo)

I am re-sending with additional photo. I would like to reduce the size of my buttocks but not sure if a treatment for this exists. The photo with the... READ MORE

How many months post op is it necessary to wear a compression garment after having a thigh tuck/lift and liposuction?

Do you ever place patients in compression garments smaller than their actual measurements based on garment manufacturer's sizing guide? Can these... READ MORE

I had a liposuction operation 7 weeks ago. When will I review?

I had a liposuction operation 7 weeks ago. It has not been thinned by 1 cm until now. The upper leg measurement was 95 cm. There is nothing ever... READ MORE

Insufficient liposuction. Is this normal?

I had a trochanteric liposuction operation 4 months ago. A total of 350x2 cc oil was taken. Still my measurements did not change. No thinning. Is this... READ MORE

Swelling or final results?

I had arms liposuction 8 weeks ago. I'm noticing that my left arm is bigger than my right arm. I take measurements every day and they are not changing... READ MORE

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