Massive Weight Loss + Liposuction

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Liposuction Vs Abdominoplasty for Male Who Had Massive Weight Loss?

Dear Doctors, When I was 17, I lost 80 lbs over 8 months. Now I'm a medium (soft) kind of build, 25, 6'1", 177lbs. I go to gym 7 days a week... READ MORE

I Can't Afford Lipo and I Can't Take the Time Off - Do I Have Other Options?

I'm 25 male 5'10 171lbs size 30-32 waist,5 years ago i weighed 230lbs,So i went to every library in my area and read every book on nutrition.I... READ MORE

How anemic is too anemic for surgery, e.g., LBL w/ liposuction of saddlebags?

I'm 49 years old, had R&Y gastric bypass in May '12, & lost about 115 lbs. Routine tests showed low iron levels, more tests showed 9.6 hemoglobin & a... READ MORE

I had upper/lower ab tickle lipo, 600cc was removed. Will I see results and could more have been taken out. (photo)

I am 29, 5'4 & weigh 153. I lost 35 pounds 3 years ago with diet and exercise. I have fibrous fat. I have no kids and workout 3/4 times a week.... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift, would you do a liposuction on me? Do I need to lose more weight? (Photo)

Hi, I'm sure I'll be having LBL this year, I have all ready, recliner, funds, waffle cushions etc I just need to find an MD. My question is, is my... READ MORE

​ ​I have lost 100lb, what are my options for sagging arm, breast, and abdomen? (photos)

I'm a 25 year old female and have recently lost over 100 lbs. I'm currently dealing with a lot of body issues and i'm even more uncomfortable in my... READ MORE

What would be your advice to fix my legs...thighs mostly? (Photo)

I've lost 130 lbs had TT, BA, Armlift and Lipo to thighs and flanks but because of the limit on the amount of Cc's you can take out he could only Lipo... READ MORE

Does lipo cavitation work for upper arms?

I have previously had a gastric sleeve and lost 100 lb. While I had an overall fat reduction, my arms lost almost no fat. This has left my body... READ MORE

My daughter is begging me to get liposuction. I want to help her but I do not know a thing about lipo

I would like to find out what would work best for my daughter and what is safe.She needs help with her abdomen,hips and thighs.She is 5 ft 10 in and... READ MORE

Should I get Lipo on my Hips,Thighs, and Buttocks? [Male] (photos)

Hello iam 20 years old and i am a post op sleeve gastrectomy patient, i was 370 and now i am 240 lbs. i lost a majority of my weight but my hips,... READ MORE

To address the back rolls, will liposuction be necessary in conjunction with the abdominoplasty? (photos)

I am nearing the research phase for post-weight loss body contouring. Three years ago, I lost 100 lbs through diet and exercise and am not happy with... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to get rid of the extra skin underneath the bra strap region after major weight loss?

I have lost 147 pounds. I would really like to get rid of this extra skin because I would like to normal in a bra without this loose skin spilling... READ MORE

Is lipo on saggy thighs a good idea? (Photo)

I've lost 145 pounds most of which I carried in my butt & thighs. My PS says I'm not a candidate for thigh lift because there is still a lot of fat.... READ MORE

Would lipo work for me? (Photo)

I have come a long way, my heaviest weight was 398 lbs. Today I am still losing but it has slowed down and I am tired of fighting my belly fat. I... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate to have Liposuction to the inner thighs opposed to having a medial thigh lift? (photos)

I am nearing the research phase for post-weight loss body contouring. Three years ago, I lost 100 lbs through diet and exercise and am not happy with... READ MORE

Liposuction or not?

Lost 135 lbs over the past 3 years. Had tummy tuck and breast aug 1 year ago. Going in to do doggie ear repair on both sides and going to do... READ MORE

Body lift? Butt lift? Liposuction? Which procedure to do? (photos)

I have lost 200lbs through gastic bypass and am now down to 220lbs. The skin on my hips can be pulled slightly. I've previously had a tummy tuck but... READ MORE

Help - my hips are uneven. Will liposuction or fat injection help me? (Photo)

My left hip sticks out more than my right I lost 200 pounds thinking that this problem will go away and it still here I'm very self conscious on what... READ MORE

What procedure can I do to get rid of these rolls? (Photo)

What procedure can I do to get rid of these rolls? The roll at the top is much bigger than the roll at the bottom. When wear a high waist pant or... READ MORE

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