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How Are the Markings Done Before Liposuction?

Is there a certain way doctors mark you up before liposuction? Standard positions they have you stand in (or lay down) depending on the body area? I... READ MORE

What Are Liposuction Marks For?

How and why are markings made for Liposuction? Why are areas marked like patterns? READ MORE

I had Lipo 1 week ago. EVERY compression garment creates a fold between by breasts that radiates downward. What do I do? (photo)

I had lipo done on my stomach, flanks and upper/lower bac. I've tried 3 compression garments and they all create a deep crease that forms between my... READ MORE

Hey Doctors, I have had around 3 rounds of Lipo and my stomach has burn mark. How can I treat them? (photo)

I woke up with a bad burn mark but I was under the impression i was only having traditional Lipo. No laser. My stomach wasn't big to begin with... READ MORE

9 months post op, should I still have marks on my stomach from the surgery? (Photo)

Hello, It's been 9 months now since I did my lipsuction surgery but till now I still have number of marks on my tummy front and back (discoloration)... READ MORE

Liposuction. How long can the black or blue marks / spots on the body last until they totally go away?

Also, after the surgery is completed and over with? The fat is totally removed, but how long can the black or blue marks / spots on the body last... READ MORE

How to Smooth out Cannula Traces, That Become Visible After Swelling is Gone, 3 Weeks PO?

I had two liposuction procedure, one on my "saddle bags" and knees with traditional liposuction 4 years ago which left bumbs and cannula traces, now I... READ MORE

Which Areas Are the Circled Areas in the Picture? (photo)

I accidentally bumped this picture from an asian plastic surgery forum. The doctor claimed that the surgery is to lipo this patient's jowls, jawline... READ MORE

Does the Circle Part Include the Masseter Muscle? (photo)

May I know if the two interlocked circle cover the masseter muscle? If yes, which part of circle is that? Thanks READ MORE

5 months post op of abdominal liposuction, I still have a mark on the abdomen from the surgical garment. Is this permanent?

I noticed that when wearing the surgical garment (I tried 3 different ones different sizes), I will get a mark on my abdomen from the folding on the... READ MORE

Compression garment too tight? 2 weeks post-op. (photos)

Hi, tomorrow I make 2 week post lipo of the abdomen and flanks. Everything has been going and looking great but I have noticed that when I take off... READ MORE

Lipo and loose belly skin

3 years ago I gained 70lbs super fast & have only lost 20lbs so far. I am considering having lipo with a bbl, but I am concerned that I will have... READ MORE

Uneven skin tone 3 months after liposuction. (photos)

I had liposuction 3 months ago. I have un even skin tone on one side of my stomach. Its been un even from the start. I have line marks under my skin... READ MORE

Strange mark on my side after Liposuction. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had lipo and a breast augmentation done 5 days ago. My husband noticed a weird mark up on my side, where I didn't have lipo done. It looks like a... READ MORE

Is it normal to have lymphatic fluid in my abdomen after my November 21, 2015 Liposuction?

I have a few places in my stomach where my garment folded that has left marks. Will they go away? I have hard ripples in my stomach, when I take off... READ MORE

Marks after lipo? (Photo)

I had a bbl with lipo a little bit more than 2 months ago. I've been wearing my faja, putting on arnica cream etc. I have some marks on my belly that... READ MORE

Getting Liposuction on neck. Any visible marks?

I have fat under my chin (neck) and I would like to get liposuction and tighten it. My question is this: If I get liposuction and tighten it, will... READ MORE

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