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Tummy Not Completely Flat After Liposuction

Hi doctors, would appreciate your opinions. I am 13 days post liposuction of abdomen, inner, outer thighs, back of arms and some fat reinjected to my... READ MORE

Is It Better to Get Lymphatic Drainage Rite After Lypo for Best Results? (photo)

I am only 1week post op major tummy lypo and see quite a bit of lumps. Even though I know it will be very painfully at this stage of recovery, should... READ MORE

How soon after liposuction is lymphatic drainage massage recommended?

I'm 2 weeks post-op with pretty significant swelling still, and all of my incisions are closed. READ MORE

Lymphatic massage or endermologie after lipo?

I just had lipo to back, stomach and inner thighs. I'm only one week post op. My PS said its ok to do it if I wanted to, also said not much changes.... READ MORE

3 Liposuctions to Abdomen with Little Results, Now May Have Developed Scar Tissue and Seroma? (photo)

In 7 yrs, have done 3 lipo procedures to abdomen, (last one 1 year ago), still not satisfied with results. Obtained consultation from various plastic... READ MORE

Ugly irregularities of lipo after 28 days, will this improve over time by itself? (photos)

Along this 28 days, i did 9 ultrasound and Manual lymphatic drainage, i used a compression garment and a foam to prevent folds every day, without... READ MORE

Would a Niacin Wrap (Mlis Wrap) 2 Weeks After Sciton Prolipo Reduce Lumps?

I had water lipo combined with Sciton Laser Prolipo to the upper/lower abdomen and flanks 12 days ago and I am healing like Wolverine shockingly (all... READ MORE

Lymphatic drainage massage. Will I see a faster end result? Will I still have to wear my compression garment?

Hi , im 10 days post-op liposuction on my abdomen and fat transfer to my lips and cheekbones . I am very happy with my result so far and im about to... READ MORE

What causes lumps after liposuction?

I had lipo on stomach and I'm one month and 1 week post op. I have gotten 6 lymphatic drainage massages so far. Now I have 2 lumps that I never had... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post-op Lipo of abdomen/flanks, back & BBL. Will these irregularities on my lower abdomen go? (Photo)

I have developed irregularities on my lower abdomen between week 2-3 post Lipo. My ps said its due to my garment and sitting down at work. I really... READ MORE

Which is more effective after thigh lipo: manual lymph drainage massage or Endermologie machine driven lymph drainage massage?

Which is more effective? Manual lymph drainage massage or enermollogie machine driven lymph drainage massage after thigh Lipo READ MORE

Post liposuction 1 month and 4 days ago today? (photo)

I went to the ER and this is the results I have: D-Dimer: 3,45 (no previous cardiac history)and a Doppler of both my legs were which showed no DVT's... READ MORE

Where to find Post-Liposuction LPG Endermologie in Kuwait?

I have done Liposuction Surgery in London. The surgeon recommended I start immediately Post-Surgical LPG Endermologie Treatment Program to enhance the... READ MORE

Post Op Care? (photos)

Hello thank you for answering all my questions I appreciate it so much! I'm 21 post op i had lipo full front/back/& sides. I paid for 10 sessions for... READ MORE

What kind of lymphatic drainage massage is most effective for post operative health/results?

The LD massage I received in Miami was a deep tissue take on lymphatic drainage. When I travelled back to NJ I received a gentle LDM which focused on... READ MORE

Lymphatic drainage after lipo?

I just had lipo to the flanks, inner thighs and lower tummy and was wondering if lymphatic drainage massage would be necessary or helpful for optimal... READ MORE

Had lipo 360 5wks ago & developed fibrosis 10days after surgery. Have hard lumps at belly button!How can I get rid of it?(photo)

The worst area is around my belly button it feels hard and lumpy. And most areas feel a little numb! Been having lymphatic drainage massage to help... READ MORE

Where can I get lymphatic drainage massages in NYC? and do I need ultrasound, or anything else?

Had lipo done about 3weeks ago and had some lymphatic drainage massages in Miami which helped alot. I cannot seem to find a lymphatic drainage... READ MORE

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