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Will I Have Loose Skin After Liposuction?

I am considering lipo on my upper and lower abdomen. I have a strange pocket of fat on my upper abs which does not completely go away with exercise... READ MORE

Natural Way to Lose Fat Under Chin?

Iam a 40-year-old woman in pretty good shape with slender built and decent skin elasticity. I have a small stubborn pocket of fat under my chin. I was... READ MORE

Skin Tightening Treatment for Loose Skin After Liposuction?

After liposuction on my upper and lower abs, I now have loose skin on my upper abs that fold over my belly button. It's not a thin fold, almost a... READ MORE

Will Liposuction Cause Loose Skin on Abdomen with a Lot of Fat?

I had 5 kids and I have a belly but it's not sagging, my skin is kind of tight but I have a belly. I don't want a tummy tuck so is Liposuction enough?... READ MORE

Lipo or Tummy Tuck to Get Rid of the Skin Below my Belly Button?

I had 2 c sections in my mid to late 30's and 4 years later I cannot get rid of the skin below my belly button. I am trying to decide if I am a... READ MORE

Neck and Chin Lipo Without the Resulting Loose Skin

Is 42 too old to have chin and neck Liposuction without ending up with a sagging skin? My skin is in good shape for my age, and I have always had this... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Vs Liposuction with Skin Excision?

I have had two c-sections. I workout regularly and have firm stomach muscles. However, I cannot seem to lose the fat on my stomach. When I am... READ MORE

Get Rid of Love Handles and Loose Skin with Post Liposuction Garment?

It's been a year now since I had liposuction done and now (upper abdomen ). Now, I have loose skin and love handles. Will it help me to wear post... READ MORE

African American Fat Removed from Abdomen and Skin Tightening

I am African American and I'm interested in getting fat removed from my upper and lower abdomen. I have had two pregnancies and was left with stretch... READ MORE

Liposuction for Double Chin Before Losing Weight?

Hello, I am considering having liposuction of my double chin. I've lost some weight (20 lbs) and I still have a little loose skin/fat under my chin. I... READ MORE

Swelling and Loose Skin Around Belly Button After Liposuction

I am 7 weeks post op from Liposuction and scar revision. Swelling has gone down a lot, but I still have lots of swelling around belly button, and... READ MORE

Not a Good Liposuction Candidate?

Doing research for Tummy Tuck. One surgeon said, Full-TT, lipo on stomach and flanks. One surgeon said Mini or Full and that flank Liposuction would... READ MORE

Belly Button Pops Out After Lipo & Tiny Bit of Loose Skin

I'm Female 24 Yrs Old. I had ABDOMINAL Lipo 1yr ago, since my surgery I have not gained or lost weight. Before Lipo. my stomach was even. My skin... READ MORE

Would Liposuction Help Chances of Lowering Tummy Tuck Scar?

Would two separate surgeries better my chances or one? Is it better to have Liposuction on my stomach first to allow more loose skin to on my scar and... READ MORE

How Does a Previous Liposuction Affect Tummy Tuck Results?

I am going to have full abdomen and back liposuction along with fat grafting to the buttocks. I will be getting a tummy tuck approximately 6 months... READ MORE

Will Additional Liposuction Ruin Already Poor Thigh Lift Results?

I am 16 days post op from what was supposed to have been full body lipo with massive debulking of my thighs and inner thigh lift with short scar. I am... READ MORE

Is Liposuction with Skin Excision Dangerous?

Is it dangerous to have Liposuction done on your thighs and have the excess skin removed? READ MORE

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck at Once?

I had two pregnancies and have excess skin and stretch marks. My doctor recommends to have a Liposuction first and 6 months later, have the Tummy... READ MORE

Do I need liposuction+excision or only Vaser liposuction is good enough to cure my Gynecomastia ? (photos)

Hi, One of the doctor I consulted told me that you have mainly loose fat and a small gland around nipple which can be treated with Vaser Liposelection... READ MORE

I have horizontal neck rings w/fatty tissue. I'm African American/Black skin type. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had horizontal neck rings since birth. With weight gain they have gotten large. I'm in the process of getting control of my health and losing... READ MORE

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