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Can Liposuction Remove Upto 40 Kgs?

I wanna know if its possible for lipo to remove this much fat. READ MORE

What is the weight limit for lipo surgery? (photo)

I am over 500 lbs but it is a lot of dead skin...I really don't want gastric bypass, if I can get a lot of that removed can you help me? READ MORE

Is Lidocaine a Limiting Factor for Liposuction?

I've met with 3 of the five doctors I've researched and selected to consult with for tumescent (both Vaser ultrasonic and laser technologies)... READ MORE

Liposuction: How Far Does the Skin Contract?

There is a limit how far the skin can contract or shrink to its new shape, dependent of the elasticity and the dermal collagen of the skin. How do you... READ MORE

How Much Aspirate Can Legally Be Removed if Liposuction is Combined with Another Procedure (In California)?

I just read that 1 litre (1000 cc's) of aspirate can be removed in an outpatient setting liposuction is combined with another procedure in Florida,... READ MORE

Liposuction Limit?

Does each state have their own limit or law to how much Plastic Surgeons can Liposuction? READ MORE

I had 2450 ccs of fat removed. I thought the limit was about 5000 cc in one session? I know I have more that could been taken.

The total aspirated out was 3200 that included fluids but only 2450 of that was fat. What could be the reasons for only taken this amount when it... READ MORE

Is there a weight limit to who you will consider performing liposuction on?

Is there ever a weight limit to who to you will consider performing liposuction on (lowest weight/highest weight) ? READ MORE

Is the image I've photoshopped of my body realistic? Including my arms? (photos)

19 yrs old and am 5'6 and 220 lbs. I had lost 63 and gradually gained back. My goal is get and stay 170. I plan to lipo my abdomen,flanks, back, arms.... READ MORE

What is the max amount of fat that can be removed during lipo in the US?

Is there a limit to how much fat can be removed during lipo in the US? Does mixing lipo with a tummy tuck mean more fat can be removed at once? READ MORE

Thinking about liposuction. Is there a weight limit I have to be? Are there surgeons in New Plymouth NZ that can help? (Photo)

Im almost 18, I've been struggling with my weight for 4 years I was a size 12 and now 18, My weight is 88kgs. I've try diets, exercise etc Nothing has... READ MORE

Since all my weight came on in young adulthood, are my fat cells limited?

Always been skinny. No fast food til College, left ballooned up. Yo-yo weight quickly w/o trying. Lose 20lbs 1mth back 1 week w/ slips NOT binge. 100%... READ MORE

Fat removal limits in the US?

My husband and I are thinking of having plastic surgery at the same time. As I am looking around, I am realizing that there is a fat removal limit of... READ MORE

Back lipo results. (photo)

Considering lipo of the back. I had a mommy make over but now my back doesn't match the from. I hesitated to get this done b/c I heard the skin of the... READ MORE

Is there a Liposuction limit?

Is it common for a Plastic Surgeon to put a limit on how many CC's of fat can be removed in one surgery? READ MORE

How much fat can be taken out by liposuction? Will the fat come back?

Are you only allowed to suck out a certain amount of fat in the states? Does this apply to Colombia and DR as well?? Because I want to be able to take... READ MORE

What's the limit on the amount of fat that can be removed for lipo only?

Can more fat be removed from the body if your also have a fat transfer procedure done such as a BBL? READ MORE

In FL there is a 4L removal limit. So if I get down in weight, the doc would be able to remove more fat cells per mL? (photo)

So if we are born with predetermined amount of fat cell and when we gain weight those cells expand, then when liposuction of those cells happen, they... READ MORE

I was wondering if there was weight limit to getting liposuction?

I'm 26, 5'5I've tried every exercise I could think of and I still have the same stuborn spot! READ MORE

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