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How much can a mons pubis lift cost?

I had a consult today about my mons pubis. The doctor said he would need to do lipo, and excise skin. He said he would use my csection scar to lift... READ MORE

Posterior Thigh Lift After Botched Lipo - Costs?

I've a wellknown DR. who's done great work on me before, im 29 my the skin under my butt looks like a 80yr/old after posterior under butt,... READ MORE

Double Chin Liposuction, Breast Lift with Implants & Tummy Tuck at the Same Time?

I am 5'4 and my weight is 115. and I am wanting a tummy tuck a breast lift with implants and some liposuction for under my chin since i have a bit... READ MORE

Is it normal to have dark stools after lipo?

Hello I just had liposuction surgery along with a butt lift 5 days ago and today I had a very dark , like black bowel movement. Is that normal or... READ MORE

Thigh Liposuction or Thigh Lift? (photo)

Hi,, all my liveI've dealt with my legs i have skinny leg under my knees and so much fat in the inner an outter part, i need an opinion, i need a... READ MORE

Is it normal after liposuction and butt lift to swell around the vaginal area?

It's hard a little bit around the vaginal area but doesn't hurt at all READ MORE

How is Liposuction Done on Sagging Skin in Conjunction W/ Body Lift?

My research tells me that liposcution is commonly done in conjunction w/ body lifts, thigh lifts, etc. I also know that the ideal skin to lipo is firm... READ MORE

Which would most improve my knees - fat transfer, liposuction, or knee lift? (photos)

I had liposuction done on my entire legs, including above and around the knee. Now my knees sag more. I had fat transfer done to above the knee but it... READ MORE

What procedure is usually followed-up by chin liposuction (specifically on the chin again)?

How Often is Another Procedure Needed After Liposuction on the Chin? Why?  READ MORE

Should I have face liposuction or not? Please advise me (Photo)

To have face liposuction or not ? hello ,I am 40 year old and confused about the treatment required for my face.I had fat injected to my hollow cheeks... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do like Liposuction under my butt area to give more of a cuff? (photos)

I got lipo and bbl April 28 2012 all though I love my results I am not happy with my lower butt area I wanted more of a cuff to make my butt pop out... READ MORE

Can you combine liposuction with a breast lift with implants? (photos)

Can you combine liposuction with a breast lift with implants.... I was told by a surgical coordinator " By law you can only remove 1liter of fat if... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for an inner thigh Liposuction or lift ? (photos)

Hello Doc's, I am scheduled for thigh lipo however after countless hours of research on here ,I am not sure if it is the right procedure for me after... READ MORE

How much will hip lipo, and thigh lipo with lift cost?

Had tummy tuck, breast redux. Now want hips contoured, thigh lipo with lift. Live in CT. What would it cost, can I fly home within a couple of days? READ MORE

How long to resume weight lifting and exercising after male pubic liposuction or pubic lift?

I'm looking to schedule a consultation next week but wanted to get some perspective before I went in, I've lost a significant amount of weight but the... READ MORE

Will armpit liposuction lift my breasts? (photos)

I am 34 yrs old with 3 children and am considering an augmentation however, have breast tissue and feel like I have excess armpit fat that makes my... READ MORE

Full back lipo or back lift? (Photos)

I want to completely get rid of all my back fat and rolls and have it flat. I am 21 years old. What are my options? READ MORE

40 years old with a chubby neck. Am I a candidate for lipo of the neck or will it need a lift? (Photo)

The neck fat has always been present, but only now is it time to do something! From what you can see, am I a candidate for liposuction of the area or... READ MORE

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