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Is it Normal to Be Having These Strange Itchy Sensations After Liposuction?

I've got my lipo 10 days ago in my back, flanks, tummy, inner and outer thigh and till my knee. What worries me is that in all the liposuction areas I... READ MORE

Swollen After Lipo on Legs

I had liposuction on my legs (inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, calve, ankles. My weigh before surgery, 121 lb, 5'6'. After surgery my weight 130... READ MORE

Is There a Minimum Weight for Liposuction

I want to lipo the stubborn areas on my legs (saddlebags, knees, area just above knee or lower quad area) that I can't seem to get rid of through... READ MORE

Hemoglobin Too Low?

I had traditional liposuction 7 days ago on my upper arms, trunk, inner/outer thighs, and knees. My hemoglobin on day 3 was 5.9. I felt like I was... READ MORE

Differences Between Fat Grafting, Liposuction and Body Contouring?

I was encouraged to have fat grafted onto my breasts to prevent rippling. It was taken from my skinny little legs but I was left with rippling,... READ MORE

Does Liposuction Cause Scar Tissue?

If you get liposuction in your legs, but still unhappy, can you get another liposuction procedure on your legs? Does it cause more scar tissue? READ MORE

Pain, Discoloration and Indentations After Liposuction in Legs

I had a Liposuction in my legs and though it had slimmed them down, there has now been greyish discolorations, bruises and indentations from the... READ MORE

What procedure can remove fat around the knee area? (photo)

I have very fat knee area in the inside and I can't wear short skirt or skinny jeans. This is killing me all my life. I need to do something to get... READ MORE

Water Pill Okay After Liposuction?

I had liposuction 8 days ago on upper arms, trunk, inner/outer thighs, and knees. Previous to surgery I was taking phentermine and half of water pill... READ MORE

What is strawberry liposuction?

What is the difference between strawberry liposuction any other liposuction? Are the results from the strawberry liposuction worth the process and if... READ MORE

Tummy Not Completely Flat After Liposuction

Hi doctors, would appreciate your opinions. I am 13 days post liposuction of abdomen, inner, outer thighs, back of arms and some fat reinjected to my... READ MORE

Airbrush liposuction costs?

I am 5'4 and 102lbs. I am unhappy with my tighs and hip/flank area. I went for a consultation for airbrush laser and I was told I should do... READ MORE

Correcting Dent on Leg After Liposuction?

I had Liposuction on my thighs for contouring my legs more, but one leg ended up with a dent on the side that is very noticeable. Have had fat... READ MORE

Will Liposuction of my Legs Change my Butt?

I have a larger lower half and am deeply considering liposuction of my legs (especially ankles), how will this effect my butt? It seems like my thick... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get fat sucked out your belly and legs? (Photo)

How much do it cost to get fat sucked out yo belly and legs READ MORE

What can I do to fix a bad Liposuction job on my legs? (photos)

Had traditional lipo on my outer thighs with feathering across the front of my legs about 6 months ago. Left with lots of new dimpling, cellulite and... READ MORE

leg thread lift?

Hi: I am going to have a liposuction for my legs in February. But i am conserned that the knee part will not improve very much. My doctor said its not... READ MORE

Best Liposuction Method for ONLY Back of Legs?

I have a layer of fat only on the very back of my leg, not really on the inner or outer thigh at all.. I have seen and heard horror stories of women... READ MORE

Liposuction for More Symmetrical Legs and Banana Roll?

I had liposuction done approximately 11 years ago on my saddle bags, inner thighs and buttocks. My right leg is now 1 inch larger than the left. I... READ MORE

How can I improve my ugly knees? (Photos)

I'm not sure what is wrong with my legs and knees . I have literally never saw anyone with weird knees and legs like mine. I'm not sure why they look... READ MORE

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