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Can Jowls Be Liposuctioned?

Can you Liposuction jowls and the jawline to give it more definition? READ MORE

Is It Normal to Look Fatter After Liposuction?

Hi again haha. Just had lipo on my lower abs and jaw area. I'm a very lightweight male, only 125 lb. However, I've always had extra fat... READ MORE

Blister Like Fluid Collection Following Laser Lipo on Jaw

26yf/m laser lipo jowels.  4wks after surgery had lump on jaw.  Doc said time @8wks lump came to surface & was told it was liquid fat in... READ MORE

Smart Lipo or Regular Lipo on the Face?

I have fat cheeks and some fat I want removed from my jawline. Would smart lipo or regular lip be the way to go? Would it be safe for the face? READ MORE

Is it okay to have ultrasonic cavitation lipo on thighs? Will it effect the staples in my jaw?

I had maxillofacial jaw surgery about 5 years ago. I had an open bite and over bite. The top jaw was reconnected with 4 staples. READ MORE

Would it help my nose appear smaller to get liposuction on my neck and jaw? (photos)

Chin liposuction vs. rhinoplasty for a better profile. I have always had excess fat under my chin and a sort of weak jawline. I am scheduled for... READ MORE

Can submental liposuction achieve a more angular jaw like this? (Photo)

I basically just pulled up all the soft tissue along/underneath my jaw using my thumbs on each side. Can removing all the fat in this area achieve... READ MORE

If one side of the face is fuller than the other, can face liposuction on that side be done?

I recently had draw surgery to correct my asymmetric jaw and underbite. However, at week 4, one side of the face is significantly fuller and rounder... READ MORE

Is there a permanent solution to get rid of fat in your neck and jaw area?

I had a neck and jaw liposuction and the first week it seemed to have worked as I seen a big difference in my neck was skinny again. a week later the... READ MORE

Radiofrequency treatment below jaw has left skin tense and thick. Is this normal?

I had a radiofrequency treatment below my jaw along with liposuction. It is now 2 weeks after the procedure, and the skin underneath my chin is numb... READ MORE

Will fat come back if I return to the weight I had the liposuction at?

Here is my situation. I have an eating disorder and am planning on entering recovery soon. I want to be 120-130 pounds when I have my neck and jaw... READ MORE

What type of neck fat would this be considered? (photos)

I'm very thin, but I have stubborn fat along my jaw and under my chin (I think). Do you think it's more under the jaw or under the chin? Which lipo... READ MORE

Would liposuction help my neck?

Age 45, this treatment has been recommend by a surgeon, he said the trauma of the liposuction would tighten the skin and the fat being removed would... READ MORE

Wondering about lipo or injections or something to take away the slant of my neck. What do I need? (photos)

My neck has always had a slant, It seems with age I keep developing this deeper line and when I smil I have what appears to be fat on the sides of my... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for neck/jaw liposuction? (photos)

I'm still above my ideal body weight, but even when thinner my neck/chin fullness is a family trait I unfortunately inherited. Am I a good candidate... READ MORE

Jaw lipo will I benefit? (photos)

My cosmetic surgeon said chin lipo would be beneficial and my friend agreed.Am I candidate for this procedure? Thanks READ MORE

Jowls - unrelated to age or weight. Would Lipo or Buccal Fat Removal help? (photos)

I am female, late 30s, current BMI is 25 to 26. I have had this small jowl/fat bulge along my jaw (on both sides of my face) for most of my life. It... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce lower cheek/jaw/jowl area? (photos)

I have had this issue since I was a kid. My skin is still tight, but the cheek fat drives me absolutely crazy! I am in good shape, and the problem... READ MORE

Will I benefit from facial liposuction? (Photo)

I can't see my jawline , my face is too chubby. My chin is also very weak... I have a moon face and it has caused me low self esteem. I really want a... READ MORE

Jaw lipo or jaw implants? (Photo)

Always felt I had a weak chin and poorly defined jaw. Did s sliding genio 6 years ago to address the chin, but the jaw still bothers me as its angle... READ MORE

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