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Will Insurance Pay for Liposuction?

Will insurance pay for lipo if obesity is causing medical problems and depression and who is the most successful and most known doctor to do the... READ MORE

Does Health Insurance Cover Lipo?

Does Health Insurance Cover Lipo? READ MORE

Need Lipo Desperately and Can't Afford it. Do I Have Any Options?

Im a single mom of four and need lipo desperately not enough cash on hand in vancouver wa any suggestions I have state health coverage READ MORE

Liposuction for Lipedema covered under insurance? (Photo)

I eat clean, run, have a personal trainer for 5 months. Desperately, I even tried starving myself. Nothing worked to get rid of my leg fat. It is also... READ MORE

Is Liposuction Covered Under Insurance?

Is liposuction covered under some insurance plans?? READ MORE

What Qualifies Someone for Financial Assistance with Liposuction Procedures?

I have had 5 kids and i just cant seem to get any diet pills or exercise to work for me and i am 25 an d tryin to have some areas fixed like my... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage to Remove Excess Fat Below Armpits?

For Removing Excess Fat Below Armpits, Does Health Insurancecover? i have lifted wgts, and have been swimming, and have lost some wt,- i am afemale-... READ MORE

Major Health Issues- Possible For Liposuction To Be Covered by Health Insurance?

41 yr old male - spine is breaking down - suffer from degenerative disc disease - chronic pain syndrome plus artheritus in several areas of the body -... READ MORE

Will insurance cover liposuction for my lipedema? (Photo)

I have been diagnosed with stage one Lipedema. I know that it is progressive and harder to treat when it gets worse. It was so frustrating for so long... READ MORE

I'm 18 Year Old Female, 5'6 & 260 Pounds. I Need to Know About How Much It Would Cost to Get Liposuction on my Abdomen & Thighs?

I am in semi good health. But we just found out that I am bipolar, have a personality disorder, and I have a depression disorder and anxiety. I also... READ MORE

Will Health Insurance Pay for Liposuction in Birmingham, Alabama?

I have pocs and i have weight in my stomach. i cant get rid of excess fat. READ MORE

Buried penis liposuction; is this type of procedure covered by insurance?

I'm curious about getting help with a buried penis. I've always had a fat pad. While I'm working on my body, that area doesn't seem to respond to... READ MORE

Scarless Breast Liposuction - Insurance Coverage

Having Scarless Liposuction of Breast Which Insurance Will Cover but I'm Also Having Liposuction of Upper & Lower Abs. Should I be charged... READ MORE

Could a Doctor Prescribe Liposuction ~ Based on New Health Report

I read this {Time Magazine} article today and I am wanting to know if this would mean a doctor could prescribe, legitimately, lipo procedures as a... READ MORE

Would my insurance cover liposuction to help my back? (photo)

I had gall bladder removal surgery November 2011 and I was injured in November 2013. I fell down a flight if stairs and injured my back. I've been... READ MORE

My daughter is 17 years old and weights 257 pounds. She is unhappy with her body. With my consent can she get a Liposuction?

Would her insurance cover this since she's overweight and it's causing both health and emotional issues ? READ MORE

Is liposuction covered by insurance as a medical procedure? (photos)

I am type 2 diabetic and considered obese because of my size and height. I've tried water aerobics, zumba, work outs at gyms but my middle stays. READ MORE

Will OHIP cover liposuction in my back, due to severe back pain? (Photo)

I have Crohn's disease and it's been a battle...weight issues have becoming a frequent issue sending my chronic illness into flares. Finally I have... READ MORE

Is it possible I could get Liposuction and have it covered by my insurance since it is for health and not for looks?

I am 21 and over 400 lbs. I have been overweight my whole life . Over the past year and a half I have gained alot of weight and I can no longer do... READ MORE

Will Insurance Pay for a Lipo Since I Have a Femoral Hernia?

I have a very fat tummy that flaps over and fat around my waist and under my waist line. READ MORE

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