Insulin + Liposuction

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Will Abdominal Liposuction Help Me Get Off Insulin?

I Am Diabetic on Insulin 30 Untis a Day 5-2 Weight 134 Lbs Weight. I am 56 years old weight on stomach looking for liposuction if that helps to get... READ MORE

Can I Get Abdominal Liposuction in an Effort To Ameliorate Insulin Resistance? (photo)

I keep reading about excess visceral & adipose fat equals increased insulin. Increased insulin promotes more fat. Ironicallly & unfortunately,... READ MORE

Insulin Resistance/hormonal/metabolic Changes Post Lipo? Weight Gain Easier After Lipo?

I 've concerns that lipo can create insulin resistance, or possibly adjust the metabolism to go back to its set point. I'm having a mini tummy... READ MORE

I have DM 2 and would like to undergo lipo cavitation for my back fat. Is this advisable? (photo)

I am 32 years old. I have DM2 (for 12 years now). From oral maintenance meds, i opted to switched to insulin two years back. My sugar is well... READ MORE

Does Lyposuction Help a Type 1 Diabetic Absorb Insulin Better?

I have been a type1 diabetic for 35 years now, and have thickening of the skin around my middle from injections. Its like playing russin roulete!!... READ MORE

What's the best possible cosmetic procedure to remove dead fat lumps from insulin injections? (Photo)

Lean body 145 pounds 5"7 looking for the best solution for removal of these lumps created from insulin injection site over use and the deposit of dead... READ MORE

Will abdominal liposuction affect insulin absorption from my insulin pump?

I am considering getting a BBL and I have type I diabetes. From my understanding, liposuction can cause scar formation of the fat tissue. Will this... READ MORE

Can you examine the question about liposuction improving metabolism and insulin resistance scientifically?

Some have asked on RS if liposuction improves metabolism. Some doctors hint at "yes," but then pull back from it. Others say no. I have read that the... READ MORE

I have Insulin Resistance Syndrome.

I have been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance Syndrome and am on treatment with Glucophage. Can I still have lipo on my abdomen and love handles READ MORE

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