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Fibrosis on stomach from previous bad Liposuction, will lipo injections help?

I have a couple of rock hard patches/wide spread lumps on my stomach after a previous lipo. When I seen a second surgeon he told me it was fibrosis... READ MORE

Keloids on lipo ports have now got white patches due to kenacort injections. Any suggestions?

Hi.I got a multiple area major liposuction surgery done on 6th May 2015.All my ports got/became keloids & the doctor administered kenacort injections... READ MORE

What can get rid of the look of fibrosis after liposuction? (photos)

It has been 1 year and this scar tissue is just putting my self steem down. Fat graft? Steroids injections (can I ask my dermatologist for that since... READ MORE

No Change in Alternative Liposuction Proceedure?

I had a proceedure done here in Paris that the doctor assured me was better than real lipo. They injected my outer and inner thighs with a series of... READ MORE

Question about anesthesia fluid injected into body before liposuction?

They say that the fluid injected into the body before liposuction is kind of burning feeling? How burning is it kind of mild burning or closer to... READ MORE

I am 1.5 month post op and have a persistent seroma I've aspirated six times and need to know what to do? (photos)

I have aspirated six times after my lipo. The general surgeon who is not my surgeon has stated it will heal on its own because he believes constant... READ MORE

Hcg for weight loss post lipo?

I had a lipo done a few months ago. My doctor is suggesting I take hcg injections for weight loss. Is this safe and advisable? What are the side... READ MORE

I would like to get liposuction in my buttocks area. Would pervious buttocks enhancement shots/injection affect the Liposuction?

The problem is a couple of years back I got Buttock enhancement shots so I would like to know how what type of affect will the the lipo procedure have... READ MORE

Stomach irregularities after lipo for almost 3 months now. PS injected cortisone, is this the cause? (photos)

I am 3 months post lipo . I recently started noticing irregularities in my stomach around the belly button . I had some high areas of concern earlier... READ MORE

Dent appeared on my left leg. Why is it happened? Do i need to go to doctor? (photo)

I dont thing i am overweight. I am 5'7 and 138 pound. I just realize one month ago i have dent on my upper leg. I dont understand the reason. It looks... READ MORE

Can macrolane be injected into the buttocks for lipo victims who have NO fat in order to be able to do fat transfer?

I’m a 33yr old female whose entire body has been destroyed. I had NO signs of aging on my body before the lipo and was incredibly stupid to allow a s... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get a Liposuction and not inject it in my butt?

I would love to get a Tummy Tuck but I wanna have kids in the next two years time so therefore I cant. Is it possible to just do the liposuction only? READ MORE

I had some stubborn fat or maybe scar tissue around my belly button after lipo? (photo)

The doctor put a Kenalog shot in it. After about two weeks at the spot was perfect perfectly flat then a couple weeks later it was dented And the skin... READ MORE

Need advice from a board certified doctor; would liposuction work for me? (Photos)

Hello I wanted to know if liposuction would work for me? And I also wanted to know if I can get any buttock injection using my fat to change the way... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix uneven liposuction on inner thighs?

What is the best way to fix uneven lipo on inner thighs where there is inconsistencies with the shaping? Are there injections of products or be it... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a fat injection to my butt and bust to get a curvy body? (Photos)

I want to do a liposuction surgery (or lipomatic if it is better?)and then have a fat injection to my butt and bust.I wanted to know whether I have... READ MORE

Belly Button Revision after full TT - also seeking liposuction of my back and hip area

I had a full TT in 2007 with a revision to my scar in 2008. I ended up with thinning of the skin from injections the surgeon used and had the scar... READ MORE

What is the pain level without anaesthesia for lipo & injecting fat into buttocks?

Already had TT & lipo in December 2015 and in the hospital. Love my results but decided to go back for more lipo small area-- upper stomach (June)... READ MORE

Is liposuction a possibility for me? I've gained nearly 50 pounds due to severe chronic pain that makes exercise impossible.

I am 5'2" tall and 167 lbs. Before the accident, I weighed between 120-125lbs. I have always been large breasted, but now I'm wearing a 42 DDD bra,... READ MORE

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