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Almost 7 Liters of Fat Removed, but No Difference.... Why (photo)?

1 week post op, lipo to abdomen, flanks and conservative lipo on inner thighs. I also had breast implants at the same time. Im 27, 5'8", was 165 pre... READ MORE

Can I have arm lipo with a birth control implant? (Photo)

I have the nexplanon birth control implant inserted subdermally into my arm. I have attached a photo to show the size and location of my implant. Is... READ MORE

Possible to Have Breast Liposuction and then Implants Put In?

Most images I have seen of breast reductions have not looked good but most pictures I have seen of breast augmentations have looked great. I am 21 and... READ MORE

Can you combine liposuction with a breast lift with implants? (photos)

Can you combine liposuction with a breast lift with implants.... I was told by a surgical coordinator " By law you can only remove 1liter of fat if... READ MORE

Full thigh liposuction, or just my outer thighs done? Tummy tuck or just lipo in the belly? Keep 12 yr. old implants? (Photo)

One surgeon suggested a full thigh liposuction and tummy tuck. Another doctor said he doesn't do inner thigh liposuction because the skin is too thin... READ MORE

Will armpit liposuction lift my breasts? (photos)

I am 34 yrs old with 3 children and am considering an augmentation however, have breast tissue and feel like I have excess armpit fat that makes my... READ MORE

Neck/chin lipo and implant or just neck lipo? (photos)

I have been to three different plastics surgeons, one said just implant the other said just lipo the other said lipo and implant. I've decided i would... READ MORE

Can a cyst be removed during neck liposuction?

I want to get a chin Implant placed + liposuction under my chin, but I have some kind of cyst (1 inch diameter) under my chin. Will this get in the... READ MORE

Lipo on Back and Breast Lift

I would like lipo on my back as well as replace my implants and a breast lift. My implants are above the muscle and about 9 years old. Since having... READ MORE

How soon can I have another cosmetic procedure?

I am an extremely healthy male with a hemo of 14.6 and will be undergoing the following procedures: Lipo, Ab Etching, Pec Implants, RhinoPlasty, and... READ MORE

Jaw lipo or jaw implants? (Photo)

Always felt I had a weak chin and poorly defined jaw. Did s sliding genio 6 years ago to address the chin, but the jaw still bothers me as its angle... READ MORE

Can you fix banana roll from lipo! Looking for new butt implants and fix of banana roll! Will travel for right surgeon.

I have had 220cc butt implants placed to high so I though getting brazillian butt lift would help hide them I had 2 butt lift because I wanted to fix... READ MORE

Chin lipo with existing implant? Is my hyoid bone too low? Anything else weird going on in this x-ray? (photo)

I am 32. Getting braces to fix that jaw is pushed too far back into socket + molars currently don't touch. My jaw is moving 4mm forward and 4mm... READ MORE

Good candidate for full body liposuction, breast lift and implants?

32 mom of 3 ages 8 10 12.Lead active lifestyle healthy eating no medical conditions ever no smoking occasionally do drink. Want to liposculpt inner... READ MORE

Should I get lipo and use that for fat injections for my face? Or should I get cheek implants? (Photo)

I am 42 and I want to look younger what should I have done besides fillers and botox? I don't like my eye, the lines on my throat, my face looks hollow READ MORE

I was wondering, what could I do to have a less round face? Would liposuction help? Also, what about implants? (Photo)

Although I do think I have some good features, I don't believe my face is very attractive looking. My cheeks stick out quite far, where they look... READ MORE

How long to wear compression garment after jawline Lipo??

Had a jawline lipo with a chin implant 3 weeks ago. I Stopped wearing the garment after the first week (exactly 7 days after the procedure) because it... READ MORE

Is it a bad idea to have a neck liposuction this year and to have a chin implant next year? is it necessary to do both together?

I want both surgery but due to money and time i wonder if i should wait to do the chin implant and the neck liposuction together or is it okay if I do... READ MORE

You can have lipo and butt implants at the same time?

The London surgeon I saw today was excellent but he said it's impossible to do implants and lipo contouring at the same time?? yet other surgeon do... READ MORE

I got quoted 7,500 for neck lipo and chin implant does this sound about right? (photo)

I been looking into getting a neck lipo and chin implant and got two quotes one for 5100 with a silicone implant and neck lipo and another for 7500... READ MORE

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