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Smaller Waistline Through Liposuction?

I am very close to making a decision on getting breast implants and while I was told this will make my waist appear smaller, I actually would like to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get an Hourglass Figure Through Surgery?

Right now I have a rectangular/straight shape,I heard breast implants and liposuction can make an hourlgass figure, so can i go from a rectangular... READ MORE

Can my Waist Look Smaller Through Lipo for an Hourglass Shape? What Determines if It is Possible? (photo)

I'm 5'7 and weigh 155 lbs and my middle is quite square shaped, and my waist is not very defined. My torso is quite long and my waist is 29 inches and... READ MORE

Liposuction to Achieve Hourglass Figure?

Liposuction on the stomach to make my butt and stomach look bigger! Is it possible to get Liposuction on the stomach in a way to create a more... READ MORE

Apple Shape Wanting More of an Hourglass. Is It Safer/more Cost Effective to Do Fat Transfer to Hips or Have Waist Liposuction?

I'm a top heavy apple and have a boxy type figure. I cannot get that feminine curve waist/hip ratio no matter what exercise I do. My waist to hip... READ MORE

Is there a surgery that can reduce the waist size a couple of inches?

I am pretty skinny and I am not looking to reduce fat, just waist length. I weight about 110lbs and want an hourglass figure. Is there a surgery out... READ MORE

Can I Achieve an Hourglass Figure? (photo)

It has been 6 months post op. I had lipo of the lower abs as well as the love handles taken. Is it possible to achieve an hourglass figure? According... READ MORE

What Procedures Would Be Recommended to Achieve an Hourglass Look?

I am not happy with my body shape with my torso being the biggest area of dissatisfaction. Loose, saggy skin with hanging over my abdomen and... READ MORE

Liposuction to gain an hourglass figure? (Photo)

I am 21 years old, 135 pounds, 5'5 in height and have gotten breast implants. The implants have helped me gain shape but my stomach is still not where... READ MORE

Do I Need to Get Smart Lipo on my Upper Abs As Well? (photo)

I want to have a smaller waistline to accentuate an hourglass curve. Looking to reduce 2 inches in the waist. Do I need to get the Lipo done both my... READ MORE

Get rid of apple box shape with lipo only? (Photo)

I have worked out for about 3 years consistently trying to achieve a flat stomach. I can see a little stomach definition but I want my lower stomach... READ MORE

What Precedure Can Achieve Hour Glass Waist? (photo)

I want the hip to waist ratio as seen in the pictures submitted. As you can see the girl has no fat on her stomach, i am thin myself but not to this... READ MORE

Is it possible to gain weight/volume in the Brest and buttock if I get a full body lipo.

I am 163cm and 63kg. I'm considering getting my body contoured with a full body lipo. I don't know if it's a myth, but I've that a person gains weight... READ MORE

Can I remove the fat from my inner thigh and the front of the thigh and possibly above the knee? (photos)

And somehow reduce the cellulite and put some of that fat in the butt or hips to shape my body more like an hourglass because i have slightly wider... READ MORE

Is a Large Hourglass Figure Possible?

I was an active person till an injury 2 years ago which impacted my mobility. Exercise is not an option. I don't have bad eating habits, but... READ MORE

What Types of Lipo Would You Suggest in Order to Achieve the Hourglass Figure That I Desire? (photo)

I am in the process of doctor shopping for a BBL, but am curious to know what types of lipo other doctors would suggest in order for me to achieve an... READ MORE

Which type of lipo is best for a thick waist? Hourglass shape desired (Photo)

Is there a specific type of lipo procedure that is better for getting an hourglass shape? I have lost about 20 lbs which has helped but i no matter... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat in my abdominal region to get an Liposuction for an hourglass figure? (photo)

I want to get liposuction around the abdominal region in order to get a more hourglass type body. I was just wondering if it looks like I have enough... READ MORE

Curvy in all the wrong places. Should I get lipo? (photo)

What sections do I need Lipo in in order to achieve a better or even an hourglass shape? And I do have deep hip depressions which make me appear boxy. Thx READ MORE

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