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I'm 6 Wks P/op TT and Lipo...and Have a Small Slow Healing This Normal?

I'm 6+ weeks post op TT and flank lipo and developed an area just above the pubic area and incision line that is healing very slowly. It had a... READ MORE

What is considered 1 area when it comes to liposuction?

I want my lower abdomen done. Because they have to do both sides of the lower abdomen is that considered 2 areas or just 1? Is area's determined by... READ MORE

Is is standard for a PS to stitch the small holes after liposuction?

This will be the second time I have had liposuction but with a new doctor. She will stitch the holes afterwards and I have to go back a week later to... READ MORE

Should I still be leaking 9 days after Lipo?

I had a tummy tuck with lipo 9 days ago. I'm still leaking out of one of my lipo holes. I put a bandage over it and it he fluid is a yellowish clear... READ MORE

I had liposuction yesterday on flanks, abs, thighs, & knees. I see a hole in my skin. Is this normal?

I see the holes in my skin but my thighs do not look any different at all. Is this normal ? My PS is not having me wear any compression at all on my... READ MORE

Hole at Lipo suture site. (photos)

Hi I had my procedure 4 weeks ago. I'm healing perfectly except for 2 weeks I have had this hole at the 'purse string' site where the Lipo was... READ MORE

Is my lipo hole healing properly? Does it look infected? (Photo)

I had lipo and bbl 3 weeks ago and I'm experiencing delayed healing with one of the lipo holes. I've been cleaning with mild soap and water daily and... READ MORE

Drainage hole closed yet still have fluid in back after lipo

My drainage hole but there still liquid pooling in my lower back as I did my surgery out of country I don't know how to reopen or how to go about... READ MORE

Post-op care not done correctly?

I'm three days post-op and in so much pain. I had my second massage today which was so painful and much more fluids than the first massage. They keep... READ MORE

Stitches from Liposuction. Any suggestions?

I had a full back liposuction on 4/21/16 in Miami Florida by a well known skilled surgeon. But the stitches on each holes are still hard and hanging... READ MORE

Odd problem: closed incisions open up at 4 weeks post op lipo of abdomen, lower back, waist, sides of breasts. Causes? (Photos)

Yesterday morning after a shower I was drying under each breast crease where lipo incisions are. I noticed a little hole under the right and a clear... READ MORE

Has my Lipo caused me permanent damage?

I had a tt and Lipo 6 wks ago. I asked for Lipo on flanks and upper back (bra rolls). Instead I found 3 holes on my SPINE! One higher up on the spine,... READ MORE

2 weeks post-op liposuction - bigger stomach. (photo)

Can someone please help me my stomach is bigger before surgery and not I have these little holes READ MORE

Drain Holes after Liposuction Not Closing?

Hello, I had liposuction of abdomen, flanks and abdomial ethcing combined with skin excision on 21st of November. I had abdomial drains for 2 weeks... READ MORE

It was a bad practice that the doctor made 2 holes in the middle of my abdomen for a Liposuction?

I do a liposuction in my abdomen,flanks and back 6 weeks ago, and want to know why the doctor made 2 holes in the middle of my abdomen?why he did not... READ MORE

Is my lipo hole infected? 10 days post-op. (photo)

I had lipo exactly 10 days ago and have been changing my dressings daily but the holes where im assuming are the lipo wntry6points are looking really... READ MORE

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