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Had Lipo on my Stomach This Morning, is It Supposed to Look Like This?

I had Liposuction this morning to get Tumescent Liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen. About 750cc were removed, I was always thin just had super... READ MORE

Stomach Still Large 5 Weeks After Liposuction

I am 5 weeks post op abdominal liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks. I feel as if my butt looks the same and I am worried about my stomach being... READ MORE

In Office Liposuction for Tummy Tuck Revision?

I am 11 weeks post op full tummy tuck and muscle repair, I was concerned with my results as I dont feel flat even when standing up, I no longer have... READ MORE

Untrasonic Lipo: Should I See Results of a Flatter Tummy Right Away?

My stomach looks the same and even a little bigger, it has been two weeks and a day. READ MORE

Do you think I would get the results I want with liposuction? I want a flat stomach but I want to avoid a tummy tuck. (Photo)

I am interested in getting liposuction on my upper and lower abs and flanks i really would want to avoid doing a tummy tuck.i want a flat stomach and... READ MORE

I just had liposuction of the abdomen yesterday and the contour isn't smooth. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just had liposuction of the abdomen yesterday. I believe he did some upper abdominal etching too. I know it has only been 24 hours but I'm nervous... READ MORE

Get rid of apple box shape with lipo only? (Photo)

I have worked out for about 3 years consistently trying to achieve a flat stomach. I can see a little stomach definition but I want my lower stomach... READ MORE

Drooping Buttocks A Result Of Lipo On Thighs Or Aging?

I had liposuction on my thighs six years ago and now my buttocks is flattening and dropping . Could this be the result of the lipo or is it just age?... READ MORE

I am 15 days post op. I had liposuction on my full abdomen, flanks and mid and lower back. Any suggestions? (photos)

Some days I look flat with lumpiness a d some days my stomach pokes out. How long does thst last? READ MORE

10 weeks post op Lipo and Brazilian butt lift, my stomach is still not flat. Any suggestions?

10 weeks after lipo and Brazilian butt lift, my wedding is in 2 weeks and my stomach if still not flat enough, will a stronger body shaper corset help... READ MORE

After 2 pregnancies I can't seem to get my flat stomach back. Is Liposuction the answer? (photos)

After 2 pregnancies I can't seem to get my flat stomach back. From the side view I still look pregnant 14 months later!! I work out hard 4-5 times a... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for double chin? Would I be a good candidate for liposuction? (photos)

I am self conscious of my double chin. I understand my jaw line is small which probably worsens the appearance of the double chin but I am not really... READ MORE

How can I get flat stomach and butt without fats. Gym didn't work. Advice? (photos)

Hello! My name is Ashley. I was wondering what can I do to have a flat stomach and a backside without all these fats? I have been going to the gym... READ MORE

Would lipo give me a flat stomach side view? For rear view maybe BBL would help round hips & illusion of smaller waste? (Photo)

My BMI is 31 and have been stuck here for five years even with tons of cardio, eating sensibly & lifting weights. At age 37 I have a healthy resting... READ MORE

Would liposuction give me a flat stomach?? (photos)

My name is Hillary I am 24 years old and weigh 124lbs. In an attempt to lose my belly I was able to diet down to 116lbs but I seemed to have lost... READ MORE

What can I do to make my top heavy body more hourglass? (photos)

I have a awkward body shape its been a promblem of mine for many years i have very flabby large arms and then iv got the v shape flat bum to go with... READ MORE

Should I get Lipo ??? (photos)

Ive never had a flat stomach before. I am 22 5'2 & weight 140lbs. I work out regulary and eat as healthy as possible but indulge in goodies... READ MORE

I'm 20 with no kids. Will I finally be able to get a flat stomach with lipo? (Photo)

I'm 5'3 I've been debating wether or not to get lipo for quite a while. I just can't seem to get rid of stubborn fat around my belly no matter how may... READ MORE

I had Liposuction a month ago and my stomach is not flat out as I expected. Why is this? (photos)

When i sit it creates a huge pooch im not flat out as i expected i had 12 areas down of lipo 6/22/15 READ MORE

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