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Can Liposuction Treat Bulge in Breasts to Armpit Area?

My breasts seem to be moving toward my arm pits. I am 60 so they are pretty flabby, I wear a 34D bra, but it is very hard to find bras that fit well... READ MORE

I'm a petite 95 lb female with an elevated, flabby mons pubis. What is the best method/surgery to reduce its size? (photos)

I have an enlarged mons pubis - I think its congenital as I always remember having it. Its excessively squishy and fatty but the pubic/pelvic bone is... READ MORE

What to Do About Loose Skin After Liposuction?

I had lipo on my stomach a year ago and even though I work out regularly, my stomach now looks kind of blubbery. I have consistently weighed about 120... READ MORE

Why Are my Under Arms and Bra Area Flabby After Lipo?

I had my lipo surgery six months ago on my flanks. The Doctor took it upon himself to do my under arms and back bra area. The area is now flabby and... READ MORE

Lipo on a Stomach with Stretch Marks

Hello ive been thinking about getting lipo but i have some strechmarks would my stomach look flabby after ive done the surgery cuz of my strechmarks? READ MORE

Liposuction or Vaser Liposuction to Reduce Calves?

I have really flabby calves and they are very large and wide and out of proportion to the rest of me and wondering what is available to reduce the... READ MORE

Is this possible to lose with diet and exercise? (fat rolls on arms & flabby stomach) Is surgery my only option? (photos)

I'm 22 , and was overweight for most of childhood. Lost weight when I got to college (highest weight in high school 170 for a brief period - now 145),... READ MORE

Back fat? Flab? How do I get rid of this? (Photo)

Hello, I've always been skinny under 105 but my back looks like if I have fat or something. What is this and how can I get rid of it? Lipo, skin... READ MORE

I have flabby arms. If I get Liposuction, will I be left with excess skin? Is there a way to remove the skin too? (photo)

I have very flabby arms. I wanted to know, if i get liposuction on them will there be excess amount of skin? is there any way of removing that skin? READ MORE

What would give me the best results for my back fat/flabby stomach/love handles/saggy skin on my thighs and butt? (photo)

My first pregnancy I gained over 120lbs from over eating and being lazy then lost about 70lbs I have been stuck with this for about 4 years now. No... READ MORE

Abdomen lipo without Tummy tuck. Any suggestions? (photos)

Thank you in advance for giving my (over-asked) question your time. Im another woman who is hoping to get away with lipo without the pains of a tt. I... READ MORE

What can I do to make my top heavy body more hourglass? (photos)

I have a awkward body shape its been a promblem of mine for many years i have very flabby large arms and then iv got the v shape flat bum to go with... READ MORE

Will liposuction make my c section flab look worse?

I've had 2 c section and the bottom of my belly just hangs there no matter what I do it will not go no where and I'm scared that the liposuction will... READ MORE

Which is most effective & best among Liposuction, Vaser, Smart lipo, Laser lipo or any other fat eliminating procedure? (photo)

Ive been wanting to have lean and toned muscles and tight, even and healthy skin. I eat Healthy diet and Regular exercising has been a part of my... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for getting rid of flabby arms and thighs? (photos)

I'm a 33 y/o woman, 167cms, around 95kg, and have an active job. Ever since I was little, I've had flabby arms and big thighs! My Dad and his mother... READ MORE

How can I correct my aging, flabby arms, and the fat around my knees? (Photo)

I have two problems that restrict the clothing I wear. One, my aging, flabby arms, and two, the fat around my knees. Both of these restrict either... READ MORE

I'm thinking about liposuction & skin tighten.Will this help stretch marks/ fat or become worse?What would you recommend?(photo)

I thought about liposuction but still don't know what will help my stretch marks and I'm only 42 years old. I had a tummy tuck about 14 years ago and... READ MORE

5 months post op Liposuction, I'm not happy with my final results. Any suggestions?

I am a 34 years old male that had liposuction done on my chest 5 months ago , I am not happy with my results . it's still swelling , also I noticed... READ MORE

Flabby arms would liposuction help? (Photos)

I am younger but I have flabby arms. I'm in my late 20s. Will liposuction help? What are the costs associated and downtime if so? READ MORE

Interested in addressing lower abdominal and love handle fat in least invasive manner. (photos)

I am a formerly obese kid, having reached 220 pounds at age 14. I became very active and modified my diet to lose weight over the years. However,... READ MORE

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