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How to get rid of fibrosis tissue after liposuction?

I am now almost 7 months post op following aggressive lipo and bbl in DR. Despite following all the instructions and still havig regular massage, my... READ MORE

Other Skin Tightening Options?

I had Liposuction done twice on my back, and I still have some loose skin. I am not fat, I'm 5'4" and size 4. Which treatment would better firm my skin? READ MORE

4 wks post op Liposuction 360, I developed fibrosis 10days later & feel firm around my midsection. Any suggestion? (photo)

I feel this might of happened as i didn't wear my compression suit for a 6hrs. I had radio frequency treatments combined with lymphatic drainage... READ MORE

Will my Cheeks Ever Firm Up from Lipo? Will Cardio Exercise Make It Worse?

I am 6 wks post op chin Aug.Necklift w/lipo. My Doctor lipoed my cheeks without consent,inserted a lrg chin. I specifically said I did not want a lrg!... READ MORE

Will I lose my dimples permanently after facial liposuction? Will my face always feel firm?

I had Liposuction in lower face few days ago and 40 ccs of fat was removed. My face looks very slim right after but swelling and firmness sets in the... READ MORE

Can I have Lipo only on my midsection and back or is Tummy tuck the only option? (photos)

I have been to 4 consults and basically it seems like I am a borderline case. My skin is nice and firm, I have had two pregnancies with no stretch... READ MORE

Does skin on legs after Liposuction ever firm up with exercise?

I have fat around my knees and thighs that I've never been able to rid . I would lose fat in areas I don't want to lose.I would like Liposuction but... READ MORE

Liposuction on man boobs - 2 months later, how do I know if I still have swelling?

Im about 8 weeks post liposuction on my man boobs (only fat was removed since i didnt have glander problems). The thing is, i dont know if i still... READ MORE

2 weeks after Lipo, is my compression garment making my swelling worse? Should I switch to a different one? (photos)

My compression garment is similar to a postpartum belt, with a layer of foam underneath. It seems like this pushes all of the swelling to my lower... READ MORE

Lipo to the arm and tummy? (photos)

I have a fat arms but it doesn't jiggle it quite firm but still big was wondering if It could still get lipoed ?and also want to get a lipo to my... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to make minor sculptural improvements in multiple areas?

I'm a 40 year old woman, in good shape and relatively thin, but as I age, I am finding a few "trouble spots" and I am interested in improving my... READ MORE

Is abdominal lipo worth it - will it make my tummy firmer/looser? Is combining with an implant exchange a good idea?

Just paid for surgery. I'm 5'8 155 lbs exchanging my 600cc saline implants to 800cc silicone. And decided to get abdominal/flank lipo as well.... READ MORE

Liposuction to arms causing firmness and pain, is something wrong?

I received liposuction to my upper arms two weeks ago and the area just above my elbows seem to be much more firm then the rest of the liposuction... READ MORE

How to lose belly fat and firm my body?

Also I have saw paper work from Drs.on my husband about blood test..I'm concerned he's not telling something READ MORE

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