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Liposuction Dents

I had liposuction done to my neck region and the procedure caused two hollow like dents. It really looks bad and I'm not sure what can be done to... READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of marionette lines? (photos)

I'm 50 and deep marionette lines have come up along with jowls and double chin. I have been told lipo to the jowls and neck will take better care of... READ MORE

Botox after liposuction?

I had liposuction on my midsection and had the fat injected in my hips 3 weeks ago, is it safe to get botox done on my face? READ MORE

What can I do for my jowls beyond injections around mouth and chin? (Photo)

Hi I am 42 and do not feel that I am ready for a facelift but loathe my jowls. They are particularly prominent on one side vs. the other. I have had... READ MORE

Jowls/double chin in young thin person. Lipo or filler? (Photo)

I am of thin build with a double chin and jowls. Had juvederm put in with little effect. Saw a surgeon regarding liposuction on chin who advised that... READ MORE

Can facial liposuction remove fillers from face? (photo)

Hello i search a surgeon to remove fillers (silicone) on my face Jaw, chin, cheek, i hear about this procedure to remove successful ( not 100%) the... READ MORE

Should old fillers (restylane) in the face removed before having a lipofiling? Please help need advice

I had a lipofiling one week ago. The part where I had fillers looks weird and not straight (under eye area). Did my surgeon wrong? Should he removed... READ MORE

No way to enhance neck/jawline? Submental Liposuction vs. chin/mandible fillers vs. necklift (Photo)

I am only 20 and just went to a cosmetic surgeon for the first time. I thought liposuction would be the best way to enhance my neck area but he said... READ MORE

What can cause a lump on cheek after having lipo on face be? And can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had liposuction on my face 15 yrs ago from a doctor that is no longer practicing. He mentioned that there was a complication during surgery but was... READ MORE

Fillers best for body? Fillers to correct small liposuction mistakes. Fat grafting not possible.

Hi i have small irrigularities on thighs and a big whole above my knee after liposuction. i do not have enough fat for a transfer. So i am considering... READ MORE

What can I do to fix irregularities after Lipo? Fillers? Fat Dissolver? (photos)

After a lipo to get rid of some fat on the side i was left with a more dents and irregularities. The goal was to get rid of the cellulite and make the... READ MORE

Kybella for liposuctioned areas needing possible revision? (photo)

Kybella? pretreated w/lipo possibly needing a revision. Can kybella be used to correct irregularities left after a liposuction off label. If so can it... READ MORE

23 year old Severe face Lipoatrophy caused by Lipo? Or laser and shot treatment?? Please help. (photos)

Hello, I had a second face lipo in Korea(07.21)and it was ok except for a small area(dimple pic)To try and fix, I got a laser and shot(substance... READ MORE

Oddly shaped weird lump on face? (Photos)

Hello, about a week and half ago I started to notice a lump that suddenly appeared on my right cheek area. I had filler around this area but only 0... READ MORE

2 inch ball of fat and horizontal deep lines - tried vitamin E oil, cortisone injections, cosmetic filler. (photos)

I am a 39 year old woman who is not overweight by any means - 14 month post abdomen/waist liposuction I am left with a very unslightly 2 inch ball of... READ MORE

Lipo and implant or chin fillers?

Please help ! I want to have a better jawline and chin and my overall face and neck to look thinner . My cheeks are fairly chubby too but it's the... READ MORE

Fat lumps and loss of volume in face. (photos)

Im a 27 year old i am very bothered by the fat pad on the right side of my mouth. I have also lost volume in my cheeks. I am very depressed over this... READ MORE

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