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What is causing the fat pad on my upper back?

I'm a 28 year old female, 5'7 and 155lbs. I have had a dorsocervical fat pad for about the last 5 years or so. I asked my doctor about the possibility... READ MORE

Suprapubic Liposuction for Fat Pad Around Penis

Im 24 and weigh 19 stone although i used to weigh 25 stone. My problem is that i have a pad of fat around my penis which is between an inch and an... READ MORE

Ugly Ankle fat pads. Does anyone have a solution? (Photo)

I started getting ugly ankle fat pads a couple of years ago, no related trauma; they seem to be getting bigger, fortunately I don't have pain but my... READ MORE

Any suggestions for lumbosacral back fat pad area?

Right above my butt i have a fat pouch, i believe its called a lumbosacral fat pad?I have tried working out, but nothing has changed. i've had the... READ MORE

Can Perioral Mounds Be Removed by Liposuction?

I have fat pockets on either side of my mouth, can these be removed? I never had these until I had juvederm a year ago and have had hyurlonidase twice... READ MORE

Is liposuction possible on malar fat pads? (photos)

I have full, heavy malar fat pads that sag and stick out. Is it possible to do liposuction them? Would I be a candidate for a mid face lift? READ MORE

Fat pad on lower back (Photo)

To be more clear the swollen pad was most definitely not there before surgery. I didn't even have Lipo anywhere near my back that is why I'm not... READ MORE

Are my expectations of pubic fat pad reduction realistic?

I am 5'10" and 175 lb currently, 35 years, Male. Over the past year and a half that is down from 240 lb, a total of 65 lb weight loss. I have lost fat... READ MORE

Liposuction for Hypertrophic Fat Pad of the Knee?

I have hypertrophic fat pads in my knees. I was wondering if liposuction methods could be used to "trim" or remove some of this fatty structure so my... READ MORE

Liposuction of the pubic fat pad- how much increase in visible penis length?

Hello, My penis length right now is 5.3 inches (visible length), and 6 inches (pressed into pubic bone). I'm considering liposuction of the pubic fat... READ MORE

Face liposuction and fat pad removal? (photo)

Hello and thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions. I am a 39 year old male,my weight is 164 lbs and height is 5'9,I'm slim,I do workout 4... READ MORE

I would like to get pubic liposuction done, what's the lowest the surgeon could make my fat pad?

My fat pad isn't that thick at .625 inches but I was still wondering if I have the money what's the lowest a surgeon would make my fat pad, could he... READ MORE

I'm a male and I have an average pubic fat pad, yet I would still like to get pubic lipo done to it. Can I get the lipo or not?

Despite me not having a large fat pad, can I still pay and get the procedure done or do you have to have a larger than normal fat pad? READ MORE

Any doctors in NJ that perform posterior neck fat pad removal? (photos)

I have a pad of fat on the back of my neck, sometimes referred to as a "buffalo hump." After doing some of my own research, I think I should be... READ MORE

I'm a male and I would like to get pubic liposuction. My fat pad is only 1/2 an inch thick. What's the lowest lipo can make it?

Since my fat pad is only .5 inches will I be able to get pubic liposuction? Also what can they get my fat pad length down to? READ MORE

I'm a male, I only have a .5 inch pubic fat pad but would like to get pubic liposuction. Am I a candidate or not?

Would I still be able to get pubic liposuction or am is 1/2 inch fat pad not enough for doctors to perform pubic liposuction on me? READ MORE

I'm 5'6, 125lbs. I like to remove fat from my pubic pad, I can't get lipo as I'm a freshman in college. What can I do?(photo)

In the picture you can see the base of my fat pad seems thicker than most, if I can't get lipo can I still get rid of some of the fat pad despite... READ MORE

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