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Liposuction: Too Much Fat Removed

Hi I had sub-mental liposuction and thread lift that did not yield good results. Basically to much fat was removed and it exposed my platysma bands.... READ MORE

Should I Have A Thigh Reduction?

I was planning on being a model, however you need thigh measurements of 16-18 inches. Since I am 5'11 I can go with 18 however my current size is... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lose Too Much Body Fat Through Liposuction?

I've always been in good shape but after having a baby, I weighed 142lbs and 34% body fat. I'm only 5'0 and shocked with the weight gain!... READ MORE

How Long Does Lipo Suction Last? A Temporary Fix?

I have been told that liposuction is a temporary fix. I heard that it does not really tighten the body and that the fat will eventually come back even... READ MORE

Liposuction to Arms: Too Much Fat Taken Out - Will Fat Return?

My arms were obviously over liposucked! they feel like skin and bones 5 months after surgery. Is there hope? For some fat to come back? For more skin... READ MORE

I have an indentation below my waist, and it looks like fat is missing. What are my options? (Photo)

I know about the saddlebags but I don't want to loose it, I like it this way but this thing that go in is runing my body READ MORE

How does the body determine fat loss locations post procedure?

Beyond the vague descriptor "genetics," how does the body determine fat loss locations? Especially, post-lipo or other procedures? If someone has... READ MORE

I have fat on my thighs, flanks and back. What treatment do I need for fat loss?

I have fat on my thighs, flanks and back. Terrible cellulite on thighs and buttocks! I hate pressure garments. Is there a procedure i can do for these... READ MORE

What non surgical fat loss treatments could I qualify for? (photos)

To be fair to myself, I have a body most women would die for. Im 19 and haven't yet gotten rid of my baby fat. Im 5'9-5'10, 120 lbs. I realize this is... READ MORE

Can liposuction cause stretch marks? (photos)

I'm 21 years old with no kids. But quite the tummy. My surgeon suggested liposuction. But I was wondering if the aggressive lipo, could cause stretch... READ MORE

Would liposuction or a tummy tuck be better for me? Can I do lipo on more than one area in the same day? (Photo)

Would I be able to do lipo. on my arms and back the same day? an about how many inches of fat do you loose with this procedure? an is it also a... READ MORE

Why not use Liposuction for fat loss?

If liposuction permanently reduces the number of fat cells you have, why can't it be used as a means to lose weight? I imagine I would expect to at... READ MORE

Bodyjet vs. Liposuction. Any suggestions?

Hi. I need an advice. I don't know what the best to lose fat in all my body, is a classic liposuccion or bodyjet ? Thank you READ MORE

Will thigh fat loss be possible through weight loss alone, or should I have Lipo? (photos)

I am considering having liposuction of my inner and outer thighs and around my knees. Recently this winter I have gained 10 pounds and have been... READ MORE

Liposuction in Dubai? Is Liposuction good to lose fat?

Aesthetics provide liposuction in Dubai some have any idea is liposuction is good to lose fats. READ MORE

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