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Can I Achieve an Inner Thigh Gap with Lipo? (photo)

Is it possible for me to achieve that beautiful SPACE or GAP between my thighs with liposuction? My thighs constantly rub, making... READ MORE

I Read That Fat Cells Come Back After Liposuction and Tummy Tuck. Is Weight Loss Harder?

I'm considering a tummy tuck with liposuction. I read the results of a study that the fat cells redistribute after such procedures. My question is... READ MORE

Post Lipo Bulges- Will They Go Away With Time? (photo)

Can you tell me if the bulge on my left side will ever go away? I had lipo 10 weeks ago and this was present immediately after surgery. I have paid... READ MORE

How Bad Are the Lipo Scars? Do They Require Stitches?

How Bad Are the Lipo Scars? Do They Require Stitches? READ MORE

What Happens to Your Belly Button After Liposuction?

I am considering getting liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. I am just curious about what would happen to my belly button after lipo (I have an... READ MORE

Is Needing Touch-up of Liposuction a Likely Thing?

I am scheduled for flank & thigh lipo in a few weeks. I was reading another Q&A on here and an answer from a doctor read, "it's not... READ MORE

Liposuction Results

What kind of results can I expect from liposuction? Can I lose inches from the waist or thigh areas? I know they say you can only lose a few pounds... READ MORE

Why Am I Healing Slowly After Liposuction?

Ten days ago, I had liposuction on my inner/outer thighs, love handles, and the full length of my stomach. I was told I could return to a desk job... READ MORE

When Will I See Results in my Inner Thighs? Four Weeks Out...

It's been four weeks now since I had lipo of the braline, abdomen, flanks and inner thighs. I don't really see much of a difference in inner... READ MORE

Liposuction with NO Results, Was 1500cc Enough?

I am a classic pear & had lipo (hips, thighs, & knees) done 10 days ago. I was told 1500cc was removed. I don't see any results &... READ MORE

How Much Can I Expect for Lipo on my Love Handles? (photo)

I am working out and I am losing weight in my stomach but not my love handles. As the stomach gets more smaller, the love handles seem to become more... READ MORE

Is It True That Getting Lipo Multiple Times Can Make the Area(s) Look Worse and Lumpy?

Is it true that getting lipo multiple times can make the area(s) look worse? Lumpy even! READ MORE

I Had a Tummy Tuck & Lipo 1 Wk Ago and Still Swollen-the Dr Removed 7ltrs of Fat and Loose Skin, So How Much Wieght Will I Lose?

I Had a Tummy Tuck & Lipo 1 Wk Ago and Still Swollen-the Dr Removed 7ltrs of Fat and Loose Skin- How Much Wieght Will I Lose? READ MORE

What is It Like to Have Operations Such As Lipo with Iv Sedation?

I've had iv sedation for dental work and general for surgery and they seemed about the same in terms of how I felt. READ MORE

Can I Lose Weight Once I'm Back into my Gym Routine, As Well As Maintaining my Healthy Diet?

Can I lose weight after lipo? I had my procedure yesterday and wanted to know once I'm in my gym routine, will I be able to lose weight as the... READ MORE

What results could I expect with abdominal liposuction only? No muscle repair needed. Advice please! (Photo)

Happy with face, breasts and extremities. Not interested in getting too thin. Strong ab muscles, no muscle repair needed, no diastasis (recti). Post... READ MORE

Best Way to Ensure I Get the Result I Desire?

I have liposuction of flanks scheduled for Jan 6th 2012. I have some trepidation...have seen many before and afters on this site with similar body... READ MORE

Liposuction post op care and expectations. How much leakage can I expect? (Photo)

I will be having liposuction of the hips/love handles, inner/outer thighs, axilary and bra roll. How much leakage can I expect? How long should the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Slim Down to a 3 or 5 After I Recover from my Lipo if I Keep my Diet & Exiersice at 100%?

Hello!Im 19 years old, before my lipo Processure which Included upper&lower back, upper&lower abs, waist & arms I was 5'7 at 157pds.... READ MORE

Would Lipo Give Me the Results I Want? I'd Like To Flatten My Stomach and Slim Down My Torso. (photo)

Goin off of the pictures I am uploading, would Lipo be enough to flatten my stomach & slim down my torso? I am 18 and 5'8 for reference. If... READ MORE

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