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Swelling Four Months After Abdominal Liposuction? (photo)

I am four months after an abdominal liposuction and ab etching. I was not overweight, just love handles. The love handle area is still swollen and... READ MORE

Washboard Abs - Does Abdominal Etching Work?

In houston a doctor has a treatment for washboard abs called abdominal etching. It sounds like it's a special technique using liposuction. Is this... READ MORE

Abdominal Etching- for the Already Thin Person - Laser or Traditional Lipo?

For a patient that is already lean/fit that wants to look more toned and have their natural abs bulge out (NOT have 6/8 fat pads and fake lines made... READ MORE

Questions About Abdominal Etching? (photo)

1. Would my natural abs show after the abdominal liposuction before the abdominal etching is performed? 2. As i understand it, the abdominal etching... READ MORE

Do The Final Results Of Liposuction Show Etching on Abs?

Hi im 60 kg not fat and i am in need of gyncamastea surgery. what i would like to know is when it comes to liposuction on the abdomin and pec area... READ MORE

Lipo and Etching?

Hi im a 60 kg male who recently 6 weeks ago had liposuction on my tummy and breasts to treat man boobs. i also had abdominal etching. what i want to... READ MORE

Abdominal Etching?

Hi ive recently had abdomial etching and liposuction and gynacamastea liposuction. what would like to know is that does this mean that when i... READ MORE

Which doctors do better Lipo & ab etching ? Colombia doctors or Dominican Republic doctors ? I'm so lost (Photo)

I'm new to real self . I need help bad ! I don't need a TT ( thank god ) but I do need abdominal Lipo ( Abs, Flanks, & Back) & I really want Ab... READ MORE

Are There Any Doctors in Florida That Can Do Abs Etching After Liposuction?

Are There Any Doctors in Florida That Can Do Abs Etching After Liposuction? READ MORE

I am a woman who is interested in abdominal etching. Any suggestions?

Can woman have abdominal etching or is it done in men only? Are there any doctors in Florida that will preform this procedure? what is the price range... READ MORE

Reverse abdominal etching and fat transfer

I'm looking for a revision liposuction specialist (preferably in New York) to reverse abdominal etching (lines around the rectus abdominus) and fat... READ MORE

Can I have abdominal etching if I have some lose skin on my abdomen?

I've already have tummy tuck but put on weight and lost weight again but would like some etching READ MORE

Will I benefit from liposuction and abdominal etching? (Photo)

I want to get lipo and abdominal etching. Am i a canidate for either procedure. READ MORE

Liposuction / abdominal etching results. Are my expectations unrealistic? (Photo)

I had abdominal etching performed at the beginning of January. 4 months later, I do not see the results that were promised or I expected. I followed... READ MORE

How much for liposuction with abdominal etching? (photos)

I have a tiny belly and I was going to look for a surgeon close to toronto or mississauga to do liposuction with abdominal etching for me. Can I get a... READ MORE

What is the usual downtime for abdominal etching ?

I am thinking about getting this procedure done and I am worried about the time i would need to stay at home? So, what usually is the downtime for... READ MORE

What is the difference in liposuction and body etching?

I am going to have my breast done as well as liposuction on my stomach. A friend said I should go to a doc that has body etching so that my results... READ MORE

Will proper nutrition plus agressive work outs enhance lipo suction and abdominal etching?

I had some lipo and abdominal etching done recently. Very nice results so far. Will the results improve with diet and exercise or will the etching... READ MORE

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