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Does Noninvasive Lipo Work?

I have some stubborn fat around my waist, stomach, love handles, and chin. I am at a great weight (5'7" and 135 pounds) but the stubborn fat really... READ MORE

Do the Home Lipo Ultra Sonic Cavitation Machines Work? They Claim Non Invasive and Safe for All Skin Types.

Do the Home Lipo Ultra Sonic Cavitation Machines Work? They Claim Non Invasive and Safe for All Skin Types. READ MORE

How Can I Permanently Get Rid of Belly Fat, Love Handles & flanks? Is Lipo Most Effective or Laser?

What is the most effective treatment to get rid of love handles belly and flanks, I have a skinny body everywhere else except that area needs a little... READ MORE

Liposuction, Awake or Asleep?

Hi doctors, i'd just like to know, does it matter if i'm asleep or awake for the lipo? - will it affect my result? i'm having 5 areas done so i've... READ MORE

Could a 300 Lb Person Receive Lipo?

I weigh 300 lbs and almost all of my weight is the abdominal area. I am 25 and I dance ethevery day for exercise however the weight seems to make my... READ MORE

Doctor says Rub RetinA on stomach to tighten Skin. Does this really work after Liposuction?

My sister had lipo on stomach and has a little loose skin. Her plastic Surgeon said to put Retin A on it to tighten skin like it does your face. Any... READ MORE

What Are Your Thoughts on Trilipo MED? How Effective is It? Is It Worth It?

I am considering TriLipo, what are your thoughts on this non invasive treatment? Is it effective? worth the money? READ MORE

Looking for a Safe Affordable and Effective Liposuction Procedure Around Midsection, Options?

I am looking for a liposuction procedure to get rid of a couple stubborn pounds around my midsesction. Since I dont have that much fat to lipo, I am... READ MORE

Does Traditional Lipo Work Better on Areas with More Fat Compared to Smart Lipo?

I have more fat on the lower abdomen (about 1.5 inches thick) and my upper abdomen has very little fat which cannot be grabbed with hand. Is... READ MORE

Is This a Job for Liposuction or Exilis? (photo)

I'm intrigued by Exilis but not sure it will be enough to reduce my saddlebags - especially my right one. Curious how doctors would approach... READ MORE

I Am Considering Getting Some Lipo Done. Whch is Better? SmartLipo or Traditional?

I have had 2 different consultations. ( Regular lipo and Smartlipo ) each Dr says their technique is better. I was told Smartlipo can get rid of more... READ MORE

Lipo Treatments: Which Treatment Yields the BEST Result (All Things Being Considered)?

Vaser Liposuction, Tumescent Liposuction, Smart Liposuction, or Traditional Liposuction and what are the differences between them? (or is there... READ MORE

Does a Certain Lipo (Smartlipo, Tickle Lipo, Tumercent, Etc.) Produce Better Results for Stomach Bulge?

I was wondering if a certain type of liposuction is recommended for certain areas of the body, specifically the abdomen? READ MORE

What's is the Most Precise form of Liposuction?

Dear Doctors, with this overflow of informations we can find on the internet, I'd like to know if there is really a liposuction technique that is... READ MORE

What Are the Most Effective Treatments for Smoothing the 'Banana Roll' Area?

I have pockets of fat underneath my buttock, also known as the 'banana roll'. The area consists of a combination of fat and loose skin due to... READ MORE

Will Getting Liposuction in Multiple Areas Effect the Results?

I have heard that because someone had liposuction in say 3+ areas their results did not turn out as well as if they had gotten the areas done at... READ MORE

Is Liposuction More Effective when You Are Closer to Your Desired Weight?

I'm a 28 yr old male, 5'8 245lbs. I'm more concerned with my appearance in the clothes I wear, particularly in the abdomen and flanks... READ MORE

Wore my Garment 15 Hours After Lipo? Will This Greatly Reduce my Results?

I had lipo on my ankles, calves, above knees, and thighs. My doctor advised me to wear Jobst compression stockings and a compression garment over the... READ MORE

How Effective is Lipotron? What Are The Risks?

I purchased a "groupon" for it without thinking about it. It is for two treatments. Is it worth risking and doing to my body, or should I... READ MORE

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